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I’ve waited so long….

18 Jun

I took off work from Friday the previous week.  It felt like my vacation hadn’t begun even though I was off.  All I could think about was Tuesday.  Being in his arms again.  I worked hard arround my house.  Took the kids out but my mind always on him. 

Tuesday morning I left early.  We were staying about two hours from my house but he was at his friend’s house about an hour from me.  I’m about 30 minutes away when he texts me the door’s unlocked and I’m upstairs.  Reading it gives me a rush of excitement.  I press the accelerator to the floor and I can’t get there fast enough. 

I walk into the house and it’s so quiet.  I give a little hello before walking upstairs.  I hear music and follow it to see my love lying in a soft welcoming bed with his laptop.  He looks so handsome and his smile is amazing.  I slide into bed next to him and we hold each other tight.  We’re kissing and rubbing.  Touching and caressing.  The relief I feel in his arms is so wonderful. He pulls away and looks into my eyes and tells me he loves me.  How it makes me melt.

Before I know it I’m on top of him.  In my clothes riding him, grinding against him, driving myself crazy.  His eager hands slip under the front of my shirt and then around back unhooking my bra.  I sit up straight and slip off my shirt and bra slowly as his hands slide back up my body and start caressing my bare breasts.  He sits up to kiss my flesh and tease my nipples with little kisses, sucking lightly on them. 

I hop off the bed and wiggle off my work slacks giving him a little show.  He’s naked while I climb back on top of him.  We’re kissing again and he’s pushing up against my wet slit.  I’m pulling my hips up making him reach, making him wait.  His hands on my skin pulling me down I can feel how much he wants me and it feels so good.  Finley I have to give in, I want him so badly as well.  He’s making me moan.  I’m riding him hard now, pressing my clit against his body and taking him deep inside.  After a bit of fun I slide down and snuggle him and we kiss again.  He plays with the music on his lap top and puts on the Cramps and sets the lap top down again.

He looks in my eyes and rolls over stroking my hair and starts kissing me again.  He slides between my legs and enters me and gives me what I want.  Hard and deep and fast.  I’m yelling his name.  Panting thank you as he fucks me hard.  He moves between my legs straddling one while pushing my other off to the side and hits the spots you can’t fuck with a vibrator.  Making me cum so nicely.  He’s talking to me telling me how good I feel around his shaft.  Telling me he’s going to cum for me.  I feel him tense up and I buck against him hungrily.  As he slows I grind against him, I feel his warmth gushing into me and I love it.  He collapses on me and we hold each other.  So happy to be together again. 


The girl next door……

12 Jan

Oh the memorys.  He was there for my first real sexual experience with a girl.  Well kinda, here’s the story……

We were barbecuing at our little apartment.  We must have been about 24 then.  One of our single buddies was there and when my fiancé saw to nice looking girls walk by he invited them in for a drink and some barbeque.  Both had long hair but the tall one had these beautiful full lips and piercing blue eyes.  They hung out and drank.  We tried to get our friend to chat them up but he proved again why he is single and did a poor job.  The tall one was our new neighbor in the complex.

We became friends going on outings to the river together, out to partes, she would hang with us at our apartment.  One night we were drinking and sitting together on our couch.  She started brushing my hair and telling me how beautiful I was.  I complimented her back.  Her breath on my neck was exciting my heart was racing.  I was aroused by her soft touch.  We were both quite tipsy and she said she wanted to go back to her apartment.  We left together and I don’t know what I told my fiancé but we left him alone.

When we got there we sat on the couch and started making out right away.  Her lips were dreamy.  My hands in her hair, on her breasts.  She was pulling off her shirt and pulling off mine.  Her pale puffy nipples felt so soft in my mouth.  I felt a little lost when she sucked on my breasts, what do I do with my hands?  I closed my eyes and stroked her hair.  We went back to kissing our bare breasts pressed together as we wiggled out of our pants.  Exploring her wet pussy with a finger as we kissed and she squeezed my tits.

She backed away and looked at me.  I told her how beautiful she was before she went down on me and started to lick my pussy.  I was eager to taste her as well.  She playfully tickled me with her tongue and entered me with her fingers.  Her touch was thrilling. 

After enjoying her attention for a while I had her lay back on the couch and kissed her deeply.   I gave her a gentile bite on the neck and her breasts.  Kissing her soft stomach before getting to what I’d been eagerly awaiting.  I lick her and taste her sweet wetness.  I can feel her squirm and I rub little circles with my tongue on her clit.  Kissing and sucking as she moans.  I try adding my hands and awkwardly gently I slip one inside of her a little at a time. 

We ended up kissing some more our naked bodies pressed together.  She was rubbing her pussy on my leg.  It was the first time for both of us but there was a level of comfort that let us fumble a bit without being uncomfortable.  We were so caught up in each other we didn’t seem to notice the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.  When the door opened my fiancé looked ready to party.  We probably looked like a couple of deer in headlights. 

It was sad to say she was not into being with him at that time.  That was as far as we got.  For a long time he would tease me that he was upset.  Many years down the road he finally got his turn but that is another story.  It is a hot memory that we share.  That summer the song “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy was on heavy rotation on every station.  Not my normal type of music but the lyrics always made us laugh. 

 Here’s the part:

Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door

Saw me bangin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)

Here’s the video for “It Wasn’t Me”