21 Nov

Before I met Tom I’d never heard of AFF and when he told me about it I was very leary.  Meeting people on the internet for sex.  What kind of people would we meet.  How can I make sure people I know don’t find me and treat me strangely or expose me.  Is it safe?  Before Tom had met me he had a profile with a lesbian friend of his.  He met a couple for drinks and there was no connection so it ended there however it gave me a little confidence on how the process worked and that I could bail if things didn’t feel right. 

Tom and I made a profile.  I’m pretty sure in my past posts I mentioned using our profile to fool arround on cam.  Our audience got up to 800+ viewers.  It was a huge turn on, naughty and sexy.  We fucked for them all to watch.  For a while though our profile has been put aside.  However with Tom moving to Northern California with me moved our profile and a whole new world of options opened up.  There are so many more AFF users in this area than in Toms previous location.  We started to chat here and there.  Emailing and flirting with people that looked like it would be fun to play with.  Tom and I had originally been searching for single female but over the years we started to like the idea of a couple.  He was getting more comfortable with the idea of watching me suck another mans cock and get fucked while he enjoyed either myself or the other woman.  One day we got an email from a very good potential match.  We chatted, texted, shared pics and arranged a meeting.

Dinner at 6 in a near by town.  My dad was sleeping over with the boys and Tom and I were out for our double date.  They were running late…..anticipation was running high.  I brought the glass curved toy Tom had fucked me in the parking lot of my office with and a double headed dildo.  Packed in the backpack I had a little negligee that covered the parts I wasn’t as comfortable with as I would like.  We had exchanged pictures however they were the more flattering type, lots of boob, face shots, pussy and sucking dick.  Tummies and thighs hidden away out of frame.  So I knew the girl we were meeting is thick and sexy however I couldn’t tell from the pictures how she stacked up to my self consciousness.  Tom and I walked arround a town he had never been to and had a drink.  Checked out some shops.  We went to the restaurant and waited…

When they showed up I was pleasantly surprised we were close in size.  Her man was big and handsome.  They also had a nine year age gap making us the same ages.  We talked a lot, work, kids, cars, homes…how we met.  She was a little concerned about the night because she had just finished her period so we were playing it by ear.  After a nice dinner we got a drink….while drinking her her man Ron put his hand on her boob and I followed his lead.  Kelly then grabbed mine…soon we were drinking with our hands on each others legs.  Sitting Ron, Kelly, myself and Tom all touching the person next to us.  As our drinks ran out I suggested we continue our drinking at a hotel bar.

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  1. The Hook November 27, 2013 at 3:53 am #

    Let the games begin….

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