Wednesday morning….

4 Aug

I woke up 15 minutes before his alarm went off.  I wanted to wake him up with a blow job but he was cuddled up tight.  I tried to sneak in with no luck.  I waited until just five minutes before the alarm and I worked my way into the tight blankets and tried to caress him to wake him.  When his eyes opened we started kissing and I slid down and started his day with a nice little blow job.  I climb on top of him and slowly ride his cock.  Kissing him and caressing him gently in the morning light.  He doesn’t cum for me but I cum for him.  He has to water the plants and feed the dogs.  I offer to help but he doesn’t want to risk the neighbors seeing me working in the back yard.

After Tom left I used the vibrator he bought to cum one more time and went to sleep for another hour or so.  Got dressed and showered.  I had hoped to meet up with my pregnant friend so I texted her before heading out to breakfast.  I went to the ten year running best breakfast joint in town.  It was very good.  Read the local weekly newspaper to see what is going on this week and saw there was a free pool party that night.  I texted Tom to see if he was interested and enjoyed my amazing eggs Benny with cheesy potatoes, peppers and onions. 

It was HOT but the heat was dry making it bearable.  I looked at some clothes.  Nothing fit.  I checked out several little art galleries.  I found a cute little waxing studio called the Lunch Box and went up to see if they take walk ins.  No dice.  My preggo friend was not going to make it she had to take her car into the shop.  I tried to find a swimming hole and didn’t have luck with that either.  I ended up walking arround in a cute little park and chatting with Olaf a bit.  He seemed really drawn to me.  He was working out his own issues with his wife.  He told her about our kiss and they were discussing his polygamous nature and how she’s old fashioned and has trouble dealing with it.  He said he’d be fine and he’d not bug me for the rest of my trip but he did continue to texts me kisses and nuzzles. 

It finally was about time for Tom to get off work.  I had a cute little skirt on, a bandana in my hair and a soft red T on with cute little red paten leather wedges.  I beat him home and sat on the couch watching a show.  When he came home I greeted him at the door with hugs and kisses.  He had plans for me today.  He started kissing me and hugging me.  We headed upstairs quick.  He told me he wants to tie me up.

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