A new little twist….

30 Jul

Life has a way of keeping you on your toes. I just got back from a week long visit with Tom and I have a lot of writing I want to do. Before I left my manager was on vacation so I has to run the branch.  My leadership group organised a fun filled week of games for the office that I had to prep for and was gone during the game week itself.  I cleaned the house before I left with the exception of putting all the laundry away (folded it though), changed the oil on my car and paid the first of many months of my Dad’s space rent.  On top of that my big little guy turned five and we had an Aquabats Pool party for him at my Mom’s.

Before I left for my trip I also had a surprise visitor one night while Dick was out “working”.  My neighbor Olaf from the Netherlands.  He brought over half a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum and we drank and talked.  He knows Dick’s side of the story but has not yet heard mine.  He told me he sees Dick as a loving attentive father when he is with him and the boys.  I let him know about the other stuff.  The house work, money problems, the way he’ll demean me and not discuss things.  Olaf told me he sees that from Dick too.  That the way my house is kept and my cars are left dirty is appalling with a stay at home Dad at home.  That Olaf’s pride in his work as a stay at home Dad would not let him leave that burden to his wife and that he’s told Dick he should do better.

We talked about his first marriage.  It towards the end was an open marriage.  Her anorexia and lack of energy that resulted combined with his burn out from over working took the marriage down.  They are still the best of friends.  He was even to be the best man in her wedding but couldn’t attend due to the birth of his son.  He told me about his father a musician and masseuse.  At some point he offered to rub my feet.  He was very good and he started to tell me about how he has a crush on me.  From the moment he saw me he was enchanted by me.  That I do deserve better and he hopes Dick can grow and become what I need.  We also talked about his D/s interests, that he’s taken classes on knots and how to restrain.  He told me about his fantasies about taking his flogger to my backside and having me bound waiting for his desires.  Stories about the sex clubs he’s visited.  Nude plays and on line BDSM.  I let him know some about my interest too.  The night flew by and before I knew it he had hopped up to go home.

He started to text me more.  He asked we meet in the night and we did.  Continuing the conversation and giving in to our curiosity and kissing.  His soft lips and hungry mouth were just as I expected.  He seems to exude sexuality.  His hands caressed my breasts as I squeezed his ass.  We discussed that this must not become an affair.  I let him know I would not step beyond his lead.  He has a wife and young child that as far as I know he has no intention of leaving.  I was interested him for good company and some fun. A FWB situation.  I told him about Tom.  That I love Tom and we are trying to tell if in a few years this might be something that would work in the real world.  He understood.

I also discussed this with Tom.  He seemed concerned and I sensed some trepidation in his voice as he talked about it with me.  He worried about Dick finding out.  Olaf’s wife finding out.  He also seemed concerned that I was considering sex but wasn’t planning on having him tested.  I let him know I also planned on protection.  I’m not sure where this will go but I am interested and also concerned about Tom’s heart.  It’s an interesting twist.  One I’d almost ruled out.  It will also help the discussion with Tom about my dating and if we have a future together keeping our relationship open enough to experience other people both together and separately.

2 Responses to “A new little twist….”

  1. The Hook July 31, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    Your life is taking on new dimensions, isn;’t it?

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