22 days and counting….

6 Sep

Tom will come to see me soon.  Twenty two days to be exact.  I am coordinating ways to see him.  It is too soon for him to spend time with my sons so I will be trying to line up child care to give us the most time together possible.  I think I will “run into him” at the park.  Just so he can see them but nothing more than a hello and then move on.  I will be asking my Father and my Mother to watch my boys for two of the nights that he will be in town and try to line up a babysitter for the third night.  I think I will tell my parents who I am seeing instead of lying and saying I’m out with friends.  I will give them the option to meet them if they choose too.  My Dad specifically because Tom will be brining me home and my Dad will be there with the boys in their beds sleeping.

I am so excited to be held and kissed.  I am nervous about the possibility of him meeting my family.  Is it too soon.  Will they like him if they do choose to meet him.  Will they think this is too soon?  I’ve been giving them a little information here and there.  What a great guy he is; hard working, honest and clean.  That he knows I need time to build a life for myself.  That I need to date. 

Then there’s my house.  It’s better, so much better.  I still have some stuff to organize.  My garage and yard are big challenges but I’m making progress.  My car is DIRTY but it’s low on my list first the home and yard.  Need to get grass in before the rainy season starts.  I have three yards of amended soil coming tomorrow so I will start hauling it back, grading the yard and fencing off the area where I will lay the sod so the dogs won’t get to it.  Maybe I’ll have it done before he gets her.  I’m so excited.

I’ve been having some car issues.  My Dad and I changed my breaks.  One of the pads was down the the metal and monched my rotor but it’s still thick enough to work.  It squeaked for a few days but now it’s mated and quiet.  The car has not started a few times recently and a few months back it died while driving on two occasions.  Tom tells me how he’d love to fix these things for me.  He hears the car door squeak and I know he’s thinking he wants to fix that too.  I love that idea someone who takes care of things.  Creates things.  Cares about me and wants to take care of me.  For years now every birthday and Mother’s Day Dick asks me what I want.  Every time I say a lawn in my back yard and the flat screen mounted above the fireplace.  I should have the lawn done myself now and Tom offered to mount the TV in the short amount of time he will be in my home.  Sigh…so sweet…but Dick might take the TV. He got the money in a settlement from his last employer.  So this time Tom will not hang a TV for me but you never know maybe one day.

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  1. I know that, but September 7, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    All this sounds great. Good for you!

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