Triple Trouble…..

22 May

So I had mentioned some stuff that happened at night in my last post.  I’ll share with you one night at a time.  So the day after our hardworking landscaper friend fixed our water for the second night in a row he and two other friends took my ex-fiance out for a night at the bars.  I had fallen asleep on the couch and they came in at about two am.  They are my friends too so when they got there I woke up to hang out.  They were all pretty loaded and continued drinking.

My landscaper buddy let’s call him Mike D hangs out in the living room talking with me while the other fellas Ad-Rock and MCA are hanging out with my ex-fiance in the garage.  Mike D is telling me about working for his brother for very little pay.  His brother takes advantage of him because Mike D has trouble finding work due to a checkered past, long ago past.  He talked about being out at the bar and my ex-fiance is trying to mooch drinks and cigarettes off of him and due to his tight money situation he only had funds to carry MCA and himself.  He goes on saying this isn’t the first time.  That my ex-fiance always takes from him.  When he’s talking to girls my ex-fiance clowns on him and ruins his game.  After taking and not being a good friend my ex-fiance never returns the favor, doesn’t buy drinks or help him with chicks.  He asks me about my situation with my ex-fiance.  I let him know that I’m tired of him being a taker, bullying me and others and not respecting people’s feelings.  He told me that he thinks he’s tired of the bullshit in this town and he is planning on moving out of state.  That MCA and I are golden in his book but everyone else can take a hike.  He asks me if I’m cheating on my ex-fiance because my ex has brought it up that he thinks it’s a possibility.  I tell him no and he says well maybe you should.  I wouldn’t blame you if you did.  That he’d love to have a girl like me.

At this point the guys come back in from the garage.  Ad-Rock disappears (he’s blasted) and MCA is getting texts from the girl that he’s been seeing that cheated on him with her ex-husband.  He caught them in the act.  She has two kids with her ex and MCA has been dating her for over a year and he bonded with her children.  So he’s totally broken up, like crying and saying he doesn’t want to be arround any more.  We’re trying to comfort him and Mike D had a bad break up about a year ago and he’s trying to give MCA some positive reinforcement drunk style.  He’s telling MCA that the pain goes away, that he’s a great guy and he’s cared about.  My ex is telling him to shut up and leave MCA alone.  MCA is just sitting there not saying anything head hanging down.  Mike D keeps trying to snap him out of it, he’s drunk and loud but he’s being positive.  Then my ex says shut the fuck up and leave him alone, your girl was a fucking retard it’s totally different.  You need to leave him alone in his darkest hour.  The yelling goes on untill Mike D goes out to smoke.  I tell my ex that it’s not OK to belittle his heart ache because you don’t like his ex.  He still had a heartbreak to get over and he’s just trying to support MCA.

I go smoke with him.  We talk.  Then I hang with MCA and things get deep for a bit.  My ex and Mike D are in the garage.  Next thing I know my ex is walking behind Mike D pushing him out the door telling him get out of my house. I guess the conversation continued in the garage and Mike D was letting my ex know how he feels about him compared him to his brother and still tried to get the heartbreak story out that my ex keeps knocking down.  We’re all shocked and we go back to focusing on MCA. 

Not to much later there is a knock at the door.  It’s Mike D and he looks upset.  He steps into my living room and says OK I’m ready to die.  He pulls up his shirt I think to show he has no weapons.  He steps in front of my ex and says it’s going down in your house and puts up his hands and sticks out his chin and waits to get hit.  Me and MCA are trying to get him to go…telling them both it’s stupid.  My ex pushes him out my front door and down the steps he lands on a table.  He rolls to the ground and my ex picks him up and launches him onto the lawn.  MCA and I are now blocking him telling him to go inside he does.  Mike D walks off again.  We try to tell my ex why this happened and all he can see is that Mike D is in the wrong for being loud and drunk…well news flash they all were.  Very loud and very drunk!!! 

Mike D came back one more time because he lost his cell phone I gave him a hug and told him he was dumb for doing that shit and that I understand.  Mike D found Ad-Rock passed out in the car.  They took off.  It was 4:30am and I had a parade to go to the next day so I didn’t even talk to my ex about it.  Just went to bed. 

Only MCA has talked to him so far he let him know that Mike D’s got a bruise on his kidneys from landing on that table.  I don’t know what else they said.  I don’t have Mike D’s number but I need to find it.  I feel bad that my ex was so rough with him.  Part of me wonders if Mike D tried to get my ex to hit him to help seal the deal with our break up.  I know not everything revolves around me but after our conversation at the begging of the night I can’t help but wonder.

4 Responses to “Triple Trouble…..”

  1. The Hook May 22, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    Never a dull moment, right?

    • terriblytorn13 May 22, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

      Um, yeah never. Sheesh!
      Tonight I’m helping fund MCA’s bail frim a totally unrelated incident. Second time that I’ve helped him out of trouble when my ex-fiance is in no position to help.

  2. BimodalTendancies May 25, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Umm… damn. Sounds more exciting than I’d ever like.

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