Reunited and it feels so good….

30 Jul

I fly out at 6am.  I had to get up at 3am to make it on time to the airport.  Tom is not able to take the week off so he is adjusting his schedule to spend the most time with me possible while I’m with him and went in to work at 3am himself.  I arrive at the airport no make up and a weird combination of sleepy and wired.  The first flight I sleep.  I do my makeup during the layover and sleep some more on the next flight.  Touching down in his town I’m freaking jazzed!  I text him to let him know I’ve landed a bit late.  When I get off the plane I’m hightailing it to the outside looking for his truck.  His last text to me was that his phone was dying.  I’m standing outside looking for him and nothing. 

He’s never late so this is weird.  It’s a two story situation and I think maybe he’s upstairs so I go back in and then up.  Staring hard out the windows looking for his vehicle.  Suddenly my ass is slapped hard and he slows down his run, stops and looks at me.  I can’t remember if I grabbed him or he grabbed me but we hugged each other hard and kissed deeply and long.  Holding hands walking to his truck.  Making out when we got in. Making out at every light.  He asked do I want to go eat or do I want to go home.  I chose home.  Food could wait, I’ve been wanting him for long.

I didn’t take “the tour” when I got into his house.  We went directly upstairs and undressed quickly.  Holding each other naked.  Kissing and rubbing.  Making love.  The best reunion yet.   He had purchased a simple vibe for us to play with, but when he started to use it I asked that he stop.  I just wanted to enjoy him nothing else right now. It was so easy and fun being with him. We lay in each others arms once we got tired and just enjoyed being close. 

Finlay hunger got the best of us and we tried a new place to eat.  We had to be a bit careful in his town so once he saw the coast was clear we were holding hands and kissing again.  Sharing tastes of our food and all the sweet things that couples do.  He then had plans for us a friend works at an Adam and Eve store.  She showed us arround some.  We talked about and touched the toys.  Fooled arround with the paddles and floggers.  Giggled at the movies.  At the counter we discussed supplements.  We ended up taking home a little cock ring vibe, some Dickalicious raspberry flavor, some stimulant pills and an interesting potion was said to make you feel kinda like you’re on Extacy.  We drove home and took one of the pills.  Fooled arround some more and I dozed off in his arms. 

The band that had brought us together was playing that night.  I was excited to see the show and I think he was excited to be out with me.  We would have to be careful not to touch each other too much and no kissing.  When we got there it was a cute little venue.  Dark, video game machines, a little half pipe, cool art over the little stage and a simple bar with a few tables.  The crowd matched perfectly.  I quickly saw the guys from the band and said hi and started chatting them up.  I got a little tipsy and took another pill when Tom asked if we should. The gal that sold them to us recommended two.

2 Responses to “Reunited and it feels so good….”

  1. The Hook July 31, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    Sounds like fun – to say the least!

  2. thelionresurrected July 31, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    You definitely have to hook me up with that friend at Adam & Eve, LOL….so glad you guys had a great time.

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