11 Sep

I’m feeling stronger.  More sure of myself.  Less skittish of when Dick will pop up.  What he will demand.  How he will act arround the children.  I am getting my home organized one part at a time.  I have started putting some of his stuff in our old grow room.  I let the housework slide this weekend because I was busy in the yard.  My Mom, Dad, Step-Dad and I put in grass!  I am now on a strict watering schedule and determined to keep my sod alive.  My poor puppies are locked into a small space while it sets into the ground. I chose not to install sprinklers and got one that hooks to the hose and sprays up and over, you know the one.  Well my yard is like a hallway 12 feet by 50 feet of grass so when I get it long enough it goes to wide.  I tried to Okie engineer it with duct tape, taping off a few of the jets but still too wide.  I am telling Tom about the problem and within and hour he is texting me he found one where you can turn off several jets and have it go 13 ft by 60 ft and he got a timer that hooks to the hose. He told me to shut my mouth and he has already bought it and is sending it to me.

My parents are doing a great job taking care of the child care situation.  My Dad has had a few doctors appointments on the days I need him and so far I’ve been able to adjust my work schedule to fit with his needs.  I need a third person that I can ask to watch the boys for a work day but I’m not sure who that is just yet.  I will try to get together with a friend Thursday who’s a stay at home Mom and discuss how she feels about hanging with the boys.  Her daughter goes to kindergarten too so it might be tough with afterschool pick ups.  However I could probably get my little guy on my lunch. 

My home is getting more organized, I’m starting to fill my grow room with Dick’s stuff.  I have let my diet go.  Late night munching and eating too much comfort food is showing and I’m back up quite a few pounds.  I’m doing a very basic workout routine starting Monday (two days! woo hoo) but it’s a start.  I am filling my house with healthier foods and will be trying to get out and hike more with the boys as I get my shit together at home.

2 Responses to “Progress….”

  1. sexuallifeofawife September 13, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Good luck!

  2. The Hook September 15, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    Keep evolving, cutie!

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