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I wish it could last forever….

24 Jul

I brought beer I knew was one of his favorites. Candy he told me he liked. We threw our stuff into the closet and started kissing. I think we opened a beer each and had a few sips. Before our meeting I had asked him to go to the doctor and get a screening so we could enjoy each other with no barriers. He had done that and kept his clean bill of health by not going all the way with the other girls that were after him.

He had me pinned beneath him on the bed kissing me. Pressing his hard cock against me through our cloths. His hands on my body, taking off my shirt, my bra. I’m taking off his shirt and working on his shorts. Hungry mouths kissing passionately after being deprived for so long. I took off my skirt and got on top of him. After such a long wait we are both naked together. His hard cock is sliding along my wet pussy. Teasing me with the soft head rubbing my freshly shaved lips, parting them a little at a time. It feels so good to have his flesh against mine. I want this moment to last forever. I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

When he finally enters me it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before. We are making love, enjoying being connected. I can’t remember a time when sex has been like this. Kissing the whole¬†time. We move together and he is on top of me. Thrusting faster. He feels so good inside of me. I’m moaning loudly saying his hame telling him how good he feels inside my pussy. He closes his eyes and leans back some and his rhythm changes. I can feel him cumming inside of me. I feel like his pleasure is being passed into me. I feel so good. He stays inside of me for a short while after the release. Then he lays next to me, saying I love you while looking deep into my eyes. We kiss some more our naked bodies pressed together. I can’t believe this is real. I never want it to end.