21 Nov

Tom is going to be moving here soon.  He and his wife have entered into marriage counseling and each session they discuss a little about how they will separate.  His parents live in their home and they are going to be moving in with his Aunt across the country.  He will drive them out and move them at the end of the month.  At the start of next month he will come to visit me and start looking for work in the area.  He already has some money saved to get a place and exist for a while untill he finds a job if he cannot find one before he moves out.  Also his friend in a near by city will be making room in his storage unit to keep his classic car and motorcycle. All the plans are moving, its becoming reality and happening fast.

I should be very happy but I have an uneasyness.  I’m excited and nervous.  He is a responsible, hard working, fun loving man who worships me.  I am so very lucky to have his love and attention.  I have trouble putting my finger on what makes me uneasy or maybe I have trouble admitting even to myself my nervousness comes from a shallow selfish place.  He’s a bit older than I am and is in attractive in a different way than I would normally find myself falling for, I hate to say it but that might be where the nervousness lies.  I would feel horrible to have him move his whole life here only to waffle on our future together.  I say these things now however I know in my heart that when he is with me all of this will disappear and I will be so very content and happy to be in his arms. 

Update: I wrote the above about two months ago.  Since then Toms parents live across the country.  He and his wife have agreed to divorce.  Tom has quit his job, gotten a storage space in my town and moved his stuff into it.  His divorce is finalized and he is living an hour a away from me with his best friend while he looks for a job and visits with me often and gets to know my boys a little at a time.  Oh and that thing about the nervousness has faded to barely a blip on my radar. 


One Response to “Progress….”

  1. The Hook November 27, 2013 at 4:00 am #

    It would appear your time is now, my friend.
    Good for you.

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