Thursday night and my departure on Friday……

3 Sep

After my day on the river Tom and I enjoyed each others company.  Making love again and showing up.  I got a bit dolled up and we went over to Mandy’s house for dinner.  Randy met us there and Mandy cooked a delicious meal.  It was nice to hang out like that, like a real couple would.  We chatted with Mandy for a while after Randy left for band practice.  A goofy girl that had been flirting with Tom was texting him and we all had fun teasing her.  She knew it was my last night in town and she was trying her best to get us out to meet her and maybe fool arround.  Mandy, Tom and I all had a nice time deciding what to text her and encouraging her to send us naughty pictures. 

That night we did some cleaning up and packing to erase any evidence that I’d been there.  Tom and I made the most of our night together.  We prepared to leave early with all my things and he would have to work a partial shift while I explored the town for my last time.  After a lot of kissing I dropped him off at work and drove arround.  I chose a nice little caffè/art gallery for breakfast. Then did a little shopping at the local thrift stores close to the caffe.  Next I found a nice little park to walk arround in.  It was along a beautiful river walking path and I hiked arround off the trail sending pictures to Tom along the way. 

I arrived at his work a little early.  He had told me about a gal that works at the bank and I wanted to check her out.  I shopped arround in the store peeking into the bank not knowing who she was.  I saw Tom working and ducked him.  Then I called him from another aisle and teased him that I could see him and he wouldn’t find me.  We talked for a minute and then he brought me over to introduce me to the girl at the bank.  She was cute and seemed real sweet.  We chatted for a minute and they went back to working.  I shopped arround until Tom was off for the day.

Tom took me to a favorite little lunch spot.  We had a nice lunch carefully trying not to attract any unwanted attention since we were downtown in his home town.  After lunch as we walked arround a bit I would find myself drifting towards him reaching for his hand.  Once I noticed what I was about to do I’d skip away from him giggling.  We went to a park and parked in his truck.  Kissing in the front seat.  Then he cleared out the backseat.

We had fun fooling arround like teenagers.  I took him deep in my mouth while he caressed my hair.  My ass in the air hopefully out of sight of any passers by.  I started riding his cock.  Kissing him, working him slow at first and then faster and faster until the truck started shaking with the force of my thrusts.  When he noticed my legs getting tired he layed me down and fucked me hard.  Talking dirty to me telling me how he wanted to cum in my mouth.  He was above me and grabbed the oh shit handle in the back seat with both hands using it to fuck me harder.  It was a very sexy view.  I was moaning, telling him he is going to make me cum when he told me he was about to cum too.  He kept thrusting hard and deep and we came together. 

We held each other for a long while before getting dressed and driving away.  On the way to the airport we just chatted.  Talked about the next time we would see each other and how much we enjoyed our time together this trip.  At the airport we kissed for a long time.  Long tight hugs.  He got my bags out for me and I noticed something that surprised me.  I wasn’t crying.  No tears, no dreadful empty feeling.  Just feelings of love and confidence that we’d see each other again soon.  That we’d be in each others lives.

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  1. I know that, but September 7, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    Sounds lovely.

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