Some positives…

9 May

Lately my blog has been a real bummer.  Some things have been good and I want to share a few of the things that have made me smile.  I just threw a little party for my son who turned three.  It was very last minute but it was nice to have my family and close friends come over.  He felt really special and had a great time.  I had the house looking nice.   Our Daddy friends both took the time to voice their concern and offer any help they could and that was sweet. 

My yard, the hallway of dirt and dog poop, has been de-pooped rota-tilled and I am working on digging out the drainage on it.  I’ve got about 50′ dug and need about another 40′ to complete my french drain.   Hopefully I can bring in top soil in the next week or so and lay down sod.  You have no idea how happy this makes me.  I’ve asked for a lawn from my fiancé for Mothers Day, my birthday and Christmas for the last four years.  I’ve also been a little mad at myself that I hadn’t done it on my own but I lacked confidence and of course didn’t want to ask for help.  It’s on the way.  Now I just have to decide if I want to try to do a sprinkler system or go old school.   

Our office had a party at a winery for about 20 clients and their spouses.  It went very well.  My whole crew looked amazing.  One of the clients I like pulled me aside.  He heard that my fiancé and I were on the rocks and he was super nice complimenting me and chatting.  He is also going through a divorce and he wanted to set me up with someone.  I told him it was too soon but when he said it was his best friend and it’s looking like he’ll be joining the PGA next year and worth $50mil my little brain went, “Hello!” but my mouth did the right thing and said it’s way way way too soon and maybe we can meet as a large group for fun but setting me up right now is crazy.  I was also called a bitch by about five different clients all followed by them telling me how much they respect me, like to work with me and know that I’m working hard for them.  That and they told my boss, and his boss and in some cases his boss that I should be moved up. 

This weekend I have a big concert with great seats with office manager and his boss and a couple of clients.  Making the event free, free dinner free drinks and I don’t have to drive.  I do have to work the next day, but who cares.  Piece of cake.  Mother’s day I will be working too but afterwards I will go to my Mom’s for dinner.

I have taken on a project to build a WordPress site for the band that brought my lover and I together.  I’m excited to try.  If I can make it look good maybe it’s a side business I can build from.  It will also give me a legitimate reason to know my lover and for him to know me.  It will make our affair slightly less risky and honestly even once my fiancé leaves if I go on a vacation to the town where this all started he will KNOW you know what I mean.  At least if I’m working with this band and have no real friends to travel with I have an excuse other than I’m fucking the guy I met there in April 2011.


One Response to “Some positives…”

  1. The Hook May 9, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    “My yard, the hallway of dirt and dog poop, has been de-pooped rota-tilled and I am working on digging out the drainage on it.”
    Home ownership rules, right?
    Hang in there, baby! Your life is looking brighter every single day – it just doesn’t always feel that way!
    I’m certain you’ll find someone new soon – when your life is less chaotic – and he’ll love and respect you the way you deserve. Until then, love your kids, parents and life in general!

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