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Texting can suck….

26 Mar

I am going over in my head again and again a text conversation I had with my lover. It all started off nice enough saying some dirty things to each other. I “slept in” while my fiancé got up with the boys. Alowing me the time to work up 7 or 8 orgasms by hand. I still haven’t gotten my vibe back.

Later on while on a hike with my boys I got a text. It’s a close up of a womans perfectly manicured finger delicately caressing her swollen clit. Her lips blossoming aroused. She is a friend and lover of Tom’s. The were in a bit of contact through Facebook. Tom is going to be in the area she will be traveling to for business in the near future.

Tom and I had talked about her recently on several occasions. What he’s told me of their times together has been hot. I recently asked for the steamy details to give me more fantasy material for the long lonely stretch until we can be together again. When I asked he didn’t have time to give it justice so I wait.

We had discussed the possibility she would meet up with him and travel with the band for the weekend. Tom had said he knows I would do well hanging with them on the road but he was concerned she’d need too much attention. Tom helps set up, sells band merch and drives the band van. He won’t be able to entertain her the whole time. They will also be crashing most likely in someones living room making sex, um, public. I of course said, “What’s wrong with fucking in the privacy of the van?”

So I know a great deal about them together.  I’ve seen her on his Facebook.  I have no reason to be jealous.  She is a church going married mother who gets wild while out of town. No big whoop right?  For a second there my mind reeled into thinking they had a tighter bond than Tom and I and that his sending me her pic means she’s already seen mine.  He’s sent me many pic’s of naked women but they had either given him permission or they weren’t his friends.  So to see her pic means there is something I don’t know or he’s betrayed her trust by sending it to me and if he’d do it to his friend he’s known longer than me who says he wouldn’t do it to me?  Then again maybe it’s just the opposite maybe we’re tighter than they are.  

He texted me that he would be telling her about me.  That I know about him and she will be OK knowing about me (he’s actually said she would love me).  I asked him what his angle was and he answered that he just wanted to be honest with us.  He said that he thought it was funny that he wanted to be honest with the women he is cheating with.  I told him how I like that about him then I asked about the picture.  I asked does she know if not will you tell her.  Right after I asked if he’d sent one of me and if he’d tell me.  His answer was short and that he would tell her and he would ask my permission.  I suddenly felt very guilty about how I asked.  Fucking texting sucks.

Fast forward to me relaxing and thinking about it from a different angle.  To me it’s hot that she sent him that picture.  I thought more about it and it started to get me all worked up again.  With my boys down for a nap and my fiancé hanging out playing video games with our friend I snuck into the bedroom and rubbed out one more for the biggest orgasm of the day.  I shared that with Tom and got no response.  Shit I’m thinking I made him uncomfortable and we won’t be able to talk about it until tomorrow.

This all goes down before 5pm.  At about 11pm I text him goodnight and he sends back goodnight sexy goddess.  I wake up to our joke, a joke I’m sure many married lovers have.  He says to me: I’m ready to run away with you.  Live in Mexico where we could live like kings.  We’ve been texting all morning and right back to normal.  Now I wonder do I even ask if I made him uncomfortable?  I guess I’ll play it by ear.

Getting soft….

11 Jan

When you’ve been with someone for almost half of you’re life it’s hard to picture life without them.  Someone knows me so well, who knows my whole family.  They have fond memories of my Grandparents who’ve passed.  We’re bonded in a way that very few people are.  Though right now we’re in a very bad place. However I still think I need to try to salvage the investments we’ve made in each other and of course for the sake of keeping the children in one harmonious household.

Why this sudden change you may ask?  It’s not just that he cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, organized the kids rooms, swept and had dinner on the stove when I came home and then didn’t ask me to suck his cock for a reward….but it helped.  The longing looks, the tender hugs, nice notes on Facebook that I’m the best and the light of his life.  He’s been very nice and apologetic.  He’s starting to talk about how a clean organized home makes him more comfortable. He’s going to doctor after doctor trying to find out the root of the problems that have him unable to function well.  I see somethings that might signal that he is willing to try to make things better.

Maybe the canceling of my solo appointment is for a reason.  That reason being that I should start couples counseling to see if we can work it out together.  I think I can talk about my issues without taking about the affair.  Since my lover is 700 miles away and we’ve only physically been together three times it’s not as deep a problem as it would be if I was fucking him twice a week.

I don’t know what the right answer is but I guess I need to work on where I’m at first before trying to move to something else further dammaging my current situation.  The writing has been good for my soul so I will contiue to blather on about what ever comes to mind and am still open for comments, sugestions or anything you think should be said.  Maybe I’ll take you on a trip or two down memory lane.  Thanks for listening.