A day on the water….

3 Aug

Tom is a hard working charming man.  The week I’m with him is inventory at his work.  If you’ve ever worked an inventory you know it’s usually an all hands on deck situation.  Tom had told his boss that he has friends in town and would like to spend time with them and she granted him the day off.  We took advantage of the morning together.  I love making love right after waking up.  I love that we kiss with our morning breath and neither of us could give one shit.  Being in his arms is such a great way to start my day and what a great day it will be we’re taking his boat out!

We make our first stop at a little breakfast joint and eat together.  Holding hands, looking into each others eyes.  Our conversation flows effortlessly.  We’re drinking water because we both are in need of hydration!  We hop back into the truck and stop into one of the chain stores where he has worked.  We get beer, water, ice some fruit and munchies.  I’m trying my best to stay away from him not to hold his hand, not to lean against him when we stand.  We saw a friend while we were at the store.  The gal who’s birthday I met Tom at my 2nd night on that first business trip when we met.  We made plans for her to meet us at the dock later that afternoon. 

I helped Tom some as he hooked up the boat getting it ready to pull out of storage.  It’s a nice pontoon boat with lots of room for lounging arround.  He smiles at me and says I think you’re really going to like this and I’m thinking how could I not.  The drive there is nice.  Out on the water and it’s gorgeous.  Blue sky, very few people on the lake, there are some very cool outcroppings of rock formations along the edge.  Some dark grey sprinkled with a vibrant green moss.  The water is clear and about 71 degrees.  I’m laying out in the sun, getting warm enough to make the plunge into the cool water very easy.

Before we decide to swim, we crack beers and take some time to kiss and snuggle.  Tom pulled into a little cove and we sat together kissing.  Quickly it turned to undressing, making love and fucking.  I loved being out in the open.  Looking out onto the water into the blue sky as he took me from behind.  We took a few pictures and tried some fun angles.  After a bit we decided to see some more of the lake and find a good spot to swim. 

I wrapped my sarong around my chest tying a knot above my breasts making a loose dress.  I sat on the bow of the boat right in front of Tom’s captain chair.  Laying out in the sun, wind in my hair, still warm and wet from our play time.  I opened my dress to show him my wet pussy.  Brining a big smile to his face.  I started to stroke myself as he watched.  Fingers sliding on my wetness.  I pull down my sarong to expose my breasts to the sun and now I’m masturbating for him as we cruise along on the empty water.  The sun feels so good shining down on my bare flesh.  He’s got the biggest grin as he watches me play with myself.

We find a nice spot and drop anchor.  The read out says the water is 72 degrees and I’m hot and ready to jump in.  It’s a shock at first and I’m happy to tread water to stay warm.  Quickly I acclimate and Tom’s already in and floating he says come here and swims under the boat.  The pontoon boat sits high above the water and it’s like being under a doc.  We hang on to the beams under the boat and kiss for a while.  I wrap my legs around him and squeeze him in close to me as we make out.  I swim away and take off my suit and we have some fun and he takes my picture out naked in the clear water.  It’s starting to get later and we have our friend to meet at the docs.  We wiggle into our swim gear again and hop back up on the boat.

For our drive back I’m laying on my tummy across the bed like benches on the bow completely naked.  The sun is so nice on my unmentionables.  We have some time so he turns back into the private cove where we fooled arround.  I take him into my mouth and he pulls my hair some.  It makes me think.  I could use a spanking.  I ask him to take me across his lap and spank me.  He starts easy.  After a few smacks he starts to play with my wet pussy.  He starts to hit me harder until I call out.  He stops and checks to make sure I’m OK.  He rubs me for a second and starts again harder switching from cheek to cheek.  He finds my breaking point again and I give in.  I turn and straddle him kissing him deeply.  He tells me to show him my red ass.  I get on my knees before him and show him his handy work.  Telling me how beautiful I look he takes a picture and tells me how how that was.  We’ll have to do it again. 

We pick up his friend shortly after our little romp.  She’s a lot of fun.  She’s found someone special in her life and is taking it slow.  The similarities in our love affairs have Tom and I smiling at each other.  Tom will be working on Thursday and I invite her to go float the river with me and some new friends.  She helps us tidy up the boat and then when we get to shore she has to run to meet her date.  Leaving us free for another fun filled night.

5 Responses to “A day on the water….”

  1. cheatingwhore August 3, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Wow that was hot. I need to get my ass on a boat!

    • terriblytorn13 August 5, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

      A man with a boat is a nice perk! I hope he can keep it if he comes out West.

  2. I know that, but August 3, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Wow, this sounded lovely. A dreamy day that lived in the physical plane then jumped into this one, for us to read. Thank you for sharing.

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