Right here right now……

11 Feb

So much has happened since I last wrote….

Tom moved into my state about a year and a half ago and has lived with us now for about a year.  He had a terrible job that he hated and now working with a friend using many of his talents in an ever-changing job that he enjoys very much.  My boys are both in school.  They are sweet loving rambunctious and love me and their dad very much.  They are slowly accepting Tom though their dad has told them to keep their distance.  My ex moved in with an older woman, he still doesn’t work.  He is receiving welfare, food stamps and just got into a subsidized apartment about 10 minutes from my house.  We have gone to court five or so times this year over the visitation time he receives with the boys.  In December I lost the battle.  I was unable to prove he was not fit to care for them for week-long time spans.  They now go back and forth between our home and his apartment every week.  It’s tough adjusting but they seem to be doing OK.  I still hope for his girlfriend to dump him so he becomes homeless and then unfit to care for the boys but a girl can only hope for things like that right?

I’m still working to put together a social life.  Tom is fitting in with my old friend and we’re making new ones.  We’ve had a couple of foursomes, been to a swinger party and have had some good threesomes.  There is this beautiful woman Tom took notice of while we were out one night.  I was distracted by a loud handsome man from New Zealand (with a great accent).  We chatted with her, bought her a drink or two and we walked her to her car.  Where he kissed her, briefly but on the mouth.  That opened the discussion of, “Why are you kissing me when you have a girlfriend?”….so now she’s my girlfriend.  I’ll have to tell you more about her later but it’s been three wonderful months.  She enjoys us both and we enjoy her. 

When I read my old posts, sometimes can’t belive I lived like that with Dick.  Rereading old journals are just as shocking to me. Most of my writing was done when times were bad.  Most of the pictures are from when times were good.  I know there were good times.  However I can’t ever see going back to a life like that.  Tom and I have not fought, we’ve discussed but no terrible fights.  We enjoy trying new things, being outside, meeting new people, doing physical activity and taking care of each other.  He’s done so much to help me and our family that it’s amazing!  My family likes him…..my dad is a little iffy on him but that’s another story and another eye opening situation for me. 


One Response to “Right here right now……”

  1. H.H. February 13, 2015 at 3:30 am #

    Thanks for posting! It’s been a while.

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