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What’s going on with my Ex (Dick)…..

4 Sep

Up to this point….hmmm I have a restraining order that includes a move out order in place against Dick.  He refused to commit to leaving so I had to force it.  Plus every conversation seemed to degrade into him calling me names a break and then teary apologies for how he just treated me.  He’s taking muscle relaxers, pain pills, mood stabilizers and anti anxiety drugs.  That is on top of smoking weed and taking heart and diabetes medicine and it’s just a matter of time until he gets shit housed again.  I truly worry that all these things could make him snap under this stress.

He is working for a tweaker tattoo artist wh0 we hung out with a lot before his life went down the shitter and became a tweaker.  He was to be living in a trailer out back of the guys antique shop but things went South quick.  The second night he was gone I got a text that the guy broke Dick’s guitars, amp and pedals or something and locked him out.  Dick does have my car.  He went back to work for him.  Part of the work is putting things on Ebay and the money goes into a joint account Dick and I share.  I get a long text from the tattoo artist that Dick has done him wrong that I should tell him how to find him he could fix my problems and make Dick disappear and by the way he knows where I live.  I talk to Dick and he says that not only is this guy threatening his life but mine and the boys.  This is over bucks!  I tell Dick to fix this now or I will put the kids somewhere and handle it myself.  He says he’s sick and throwing up but he will fix it.  I talk to Tom about it and he says some one threatens my family I would hit them upside the head with a 2×4.  Tom isn’t the type to be mixed up with this type of person however I can belive he would take care of business if forced.  I a moment of weakness I texted Dick: Are you going to step up and hit **** for threatening your family or do you only hit girls?  Of course I got no response.  He paid the guy his money and then went back to work for him the next day. 

I don’t know where he stays.  I don’t know when he’ll want to see the kids next.  I don’t know when he will get his fucking shit out of my house.  It’s all very weird.  I do know I’ll see him at the court date later on this month.  I wonder how it will go.  I just need him to stay moved out and not to freak out.  He has done very well so far.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s afraid of the courts and police or if he’s just as done as I am.  We will see soon.

Checking in….

26 Aug

I will have to be brief.  I’m busy at work as usual.  I have my dogs with me today.  I’ve been staying at my Mom’s house since Friday so they have been neglected.  Poor puppies I will get things together and make sure there is time for them to.  I love them so.

My oldest son started Kindergarden this week.  He is doing great and is very excited.  I’ve met a few parents and will keep trying to make some connections so he can have a group of play mates he’s also dying for a sleep over.  I know that will come later but gotta start somewhere right? 

So the start of school was the marker that would be Dick’s time to leave.  I asked him to leave by that Friday night and he said he needs another week.  No couches to crash on, no place for him to go he needs to stay with us.  He is working for tattoo guy who runs and antique store.  He is also running the EBay side of the guys business.  I told him Thursday if he wasn’t gonna leave Friday and start staying somewhere else I would file a restraining order in the morning.  He still wouldn’t say he would leave.  I went to type up the papers and he had password protected our PC no word for me.  So I gathered our things and went to my Mom’s and used hers to type up the description of abuse and spell check it.

Friday morning still he hasn’t told me he would stay elsewhere.  I take my boy to school and get coffee while my little one and Dick are at the house.  He texted me did you file papers on me.  I said no.  I told him the little guy and I were going out.  He got in the shower.  I put the copy of the request for a restraining order in his (my) car and left.  I went to the courts.  All morning they said you need to fill this out and fix that..an hour and a half and I have changed the docs a lot.  Now I must give him notice again.

I drive by his work.  The car is not there.  I call him and say I’ve worked with the courts and I need to give him papers.  I explain it’s not an order but he needs a copy.  After about 20 minutes he meets me.  Says he left that he’s gone.  I told him you didn’t tell me how was I to know.  I told him I need to do this. He calls me a low life cunt.  He leans into my car and says to my three year old that Daddy can’t see you any more because Mommy won’t let him.  I told him that I just need him to stay away and not call me names and talk to our kids inappropriately.  I will let him see them.

I go to the courts to file where I see my step-brother in a suit.  He’s going through a child custody trial that includes restraining orders.  There is bad blood with him and my Step-Dad so I was not aware of this.  We told eachother we would be in touch so the kids could play.  I went in and filed.  I will know Monday at 2pm if the Judge will grant me relief. 

I have only talked to Dick by text.  He text-ed me tattoo guy had a melt down and broke some of Dick’s stuff and then locked him out.  He also called last night to talk to the boys.  I let it go to voice mail and text-ed him I would call.  I did they said good night.  No tears, no long drawn out stuff just good night I love you and then they passed the phone on.  It’s weird, he was their primary care giver and they don’t ask about him.  They are happy and their behavior is improving.  The waiting is killing me but I know this is for the best and I have a lot of support.