Just a nice night with my love….

4 Aug

We got back into town late after dropping off the boat at the storage lot.  I helped him some and called Dick to check in.  We were hungry after the beers, water and sun so we decided to forgo cooking together for tonight and went and got Five Guys Burgers.  He’d always told me he liked them and I should give it a try.  It was nice to have him take me out to try it for my first time.

Back at home we cuddled up together and watched a little TV.  He rubbed my feet and I returned the favor then we started to cuddle and that turned to kissing and kissing turned to….you get my drift.  We were laying in bed together when Randy the lead singer for the band texted Tom that he’d like to hang out.  He was having a rough day he had left his wife not to long ago and fell in love with a girl.  That girl had recently dumped him and he’s been mopey.  Tom hasn’t been too happy with how Randy has been acting lately, clingy and insecure even before being dumped but he still wanted to support his friend and stayed in touch and hung out when he could.  This would be one of those nights.

We picked Randy up and headed off to the bar.  He told us about his day and we told him about ours.  We were cuddling and kissing while we chit chatted.  Sometimes I’d feel a little guilty showing affection in front of a broken hearted fella but he knew what he was getting into.  Tom and I only have a week together and our bodies seem to be very aware of that and are drawn to each other constantly.  The bar had been pretty empty when two girls walked in one had HUGE boobs and wasn’t very pretty and the other was a dark haired voluptuous girl with a nice rack but not distracting.  She had an adorable pixie cut and the fellas caught me checking them out.  Tom asked which one I was looking at and to my surprise he picked the one with the big boobs.  I let him know I prefer a pretty face I can always play with my own HUGE boobs.

We’re chatting and the girls come over to Tom.  They ask if he remembers them.  I guess the pixie cut girl used to work with Tom but she had lost a good amount of weight.  She flirted with him and it was so cute.  I liked listening to him charm her.  His cute accent, well chosen words, considerate questions.  I almost thought he would get us a date but she seemed to be a little butterfly just cruising right now.  It wasn’t the right time to pull her in.  Either way it gave me a huge grin.  Randy seemed to be getting along well with the HUGE boobs girl.  Everyone seemed happy.

We were tired.  We dropped Randy off and headed back home.  After the long day in the sun and drinking from 2pm-1am off and on we were drained.  I think we may not have made love before going to sleep.  He would have to work tomorrow so I was going to take his truck out on the town and he would drive his scooter to work.  After kissing him good night I thought to myself I want to wake up early so I can get some in the morning before he leaves for work.

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