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Getting to know each other in a whole new way….

4 Jul

When we got home from camping we went to my Mom’s house for a BBQ and some swimming.  We got home late and I got the kids down rather quickly.  Since our dogs had been cooped up that was the perfect excuse to get out of the house so I could call Tom.

We talked for two hours.  It was a lot.  He sounded so concerned and serious.  At times even nervous and on edge.  With all that I could hear the love in his voice too.  I voiced my concern about the seemly sudden change in him and asked him why.  Tom told me he had felt that way for a long time now.  That he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to influence my situation with my now ex-fiance. 

He let me know that his wife is a very good girl.  He loves her for it, but their love is turning into more of a friendship.  That he wants more in a marriage to be truly happy on all levels.  The thought of hurting her kills him but with me or without me he needs to move on. Spontaneity was one of the things he mentioned enjoying with me that he doesn’t have at home. He told me that since we’d met he and his wife had only made love two times.  I asked him if he’d talked to her about it? Can they work it out?   He was resolute in telling me that it is just her way and he doesn’t want her to change who she is to be what he needs.  My heart sank a little for the both of them but I do understand. 

We talked about getting to know each other.  He didn’t know my middle name and I had forgotten his.  Both of us intend to find the right person to spend the rest of our lives with and we needed to be sure before any big steps were taken.  Now don’t get all excited that we are running away together next week.  We both have a lot on our plates.  His father lives with him and he won’t want to move.  He must finish caring for his Dad before he can consider moving to California.  I will have to get an arrangement set with my ex and honestly need to be a grown up on my own.  To come into my own before we decide to start a life together.  I do want to go on a few dates.  That may seem odd from what you’ve read about my love for Tom, but I feel like if I don’t explore the adult dating world I might have that what if in the back of my head if I didn’t at least see what it’s like.  He also would go on dates too. 

Our next few conversations would go like this.  I would read into his voice a seriousness and a certain amount of apprehension or concern that seemed very different to me.  I was worried and felt very bad that maybe reading all those 180 and posts in less than a week was tweaking his brain.  In those first few talks I almost felt he was sizing up the chances for us to work.  Looking for my definitive answer.  Worried that it could be a no.

  On my part I felt a strange urgency to give myself to him to let him know everything I could about me.  How I am from day to day.  What can I let him know to show my flaws or things that might rub him the wrong way?  How horrible my ex might be and how I’ll probably be financially stretched taking care of the boys with most likely no help from their father.  No amount of words can really let us know what it will be like living with the other person.  Our intention is to try to learn as much as possible until we can spend more time together.  Taking things one step at a time over the next few years to see if this is going to work in real life.

Damn, I’m screwed…..

25 Jul

So I didn’t plan for any of this. I was trying to get shit together in my life and then I met Tom. I was eating better, exercising and getting on top of all the shit I had to do at home. I was coming to terms that I am going to have to do most of it without my fiance’s help.

Work is going very well. Everything outside of my relationship was getting get better because I was working hard on it. Now I’m constantly distracted. I can’t stop checking my phone looking for his next text, picture or word on our scrabble games. I’m thinking of what can I say to him to start a conversation or just make him feel special.

I was doing OK at kind of ignoring my fiance but now I have no patience for him. I don’t want to see him be lazy, I react even worse to him being mean to me. I just plain don’t want to be around him a lot of the time. When my fiance is being nice and “good” I feel guilty. I know he’ll be heartbroken if he found out. Years ago I told him I wouldn’t cheat, I would just leave him. I had made good on that for so long. Now with the boys I can’t see separating them from their Dad but I don’t see their Dad being the best influence on their lives. On top of all of this even though I’m the only earner I don’t think I could pay for childcare. I hate to be dependant on him but that’s what I got now.

I find myself all the time dreaming of a life with Tom. He’ll say to me he wishes he could be a part of my life, that he would like to have me there to kiss in the mornings and make me dinner when I come home from work. Reality is he has a great life. He doesn’t need an instant couple of little kids. He has some awesome friends where he’s at and to be together he would need to come to me because of my job and my family. No matter how much I dream about a life with Tom I know it’s not really possible at least for now. I keep trying to think of how to tell him maybe this is too much for me but I don’t want to change our relationship. I love talking to him. Texting and sending pictures. I love the idea that someday we can spend more time together maybe even live together. The reality sets in and it just doesn’t seem possible or practical. Now I find myself tearing up at the thought of all these things. I’m screwed, I did it to myself and I don’t know what to do.