Last Caress….

24 Jun

When we got back to the hotel following our afternoon out and about.  Tom mentions to me when he was planning on leaving.  Eight AM.  I tried not to cry.  I held it for a long while but the moisture got to be too much for my eyes to hold and the first tear fell.  I thought I could keep it from him but they came and I told him why that I just hate to see him go.  I know I can’t keep him but I thought we’d have more time.  He’s got a ten hour drive and will loose an hour.  He and his wife have plans to drive out seven hours the next day to catch a concert.  I understand why.

He holds me and cheers me up.  We go for a swim.  Hugging and playing in the water.  I so wish we could fuck weightless but too risky with the managers window right by the pool.  Afterwards we go up and play some more.

  I start by giving him a slow deep blowjob.  I start playing with his balls. Taking a que from one of my favorite bloggers I start to scratch his taint a little until I find myself playing with his arsehole.  I think what the fuck and start to lick lower and lower until my tongue flicks the rim.  He sqirms a little but not in a bad way.  I give a little more attention down there as he takes his shaft in hand.  I try to work the area with my finger a little but to my surprise it’s really hard to get a finger in there.  I go back to a little rimming and ball sucking and he’s giving me deep moans approval.  After a little more time he pushes me back and gets on his knees on the bed and fucks my mouth like the dirty girl I am.  Then instructs me to get bend over and let him take me.  He gives me what I want and fucks me hard and cums inside of me.  Boy I love that.  Feeling oh so wonderfully dirty and not having cum myself I tell him to finger my cum soaked pussy.  As he plays with me he tells me how it feels, my swollen pussy slick with is juices.  He is so good with his hands and rather quickly gives me an amazing orgasm.  We kiss and cuddle a little longer before showering up and getting ready for the night.    

We drive out to a brewery and have dinner.  The waitress is super cute and I tell him so.  Chat her up a little.  Her daughter Danika had just graduated 6th grade and she’s been weepy all day with her little girl growing up so fast.  It was sweet.  Tom looks at me and holds my hands and says I can’t believe he is going to let you go.  I look at him confused and he says you’re so amazing and he’s going to loose you and all he had to do was take care of you.  Fucking made me cry again.  Run to the bathroom.  Quick recovery.  We have a great little dinner together.  I had an awesome pomegranate cider so freaking good!  That night the Giants were playing and Cain threw his perfect game.  I was a little engaged in the game, he’s not a sports fan but told me when he was a kid he knew all the stats and was really into it.  The thing that changed his focus was girls.  He liked seeing me enjoy the game. 

We checked out one of the bars the Old Town bartender recommended.  It was a gay bar and the little guy behind the bar was fabulous.  He didn’t seem to like the look of us at first but I paid him a compliment and he was my buddy.  Poured me a nice stiff drink with extra cherries.  I really wanted to go out with Tom and meet chicks but this was not the place.  However the table next to us had three cute fellas and one beautiful woman with a flowy shirt that was open exposing her perfectly engineered rack.  I had a hard time not looking but didn’t know how to interject myself into their conversation so I just stuck with Tom.  We checked out one other bar recommended by the bartender and it was a LOUD dance club with a cover.  Not what I was feeling up to that night.  We headed back early.

Back in bed we were enjoying our last night together and decided to let AFF in on the fun again.  We had some of the same viewers come back and say nice things.  We’d kiss and he’d slowly show off  a little of my body at a time.  My favorite part was when I was total naked laying on my back head towards the camera and he went down on me….I looked up into the screen and all I could see was my face looking at everyone, my boobs rising up, my legs behind that and his head in between….I so wish I had a picture.  We ended it a little earlier this time and held each other tight not knowing when we’d have a night together again.  Sleep came for me quick and before I knew it morning had come and I still didn’t want to let him go.

4 Responses to “Last Caress….”

  1. The Hook June 24, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    Such a bittersweet post…
    At least you had a few moments of bliss, right?

  2. sexuallifeofawife June 24, 2012 at 11:55 pm #

    Yeh, bittersweet…

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