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How to ruin some ones life 101

3 Jan

Start by luring him into your life at a young age.

 If you pick a damaged soul even better. Mine has a dysfunctional family. His Dad physically and verbally abused him and his Mother.

Find someone who is rebounding from a bad relationship. Mine just broke up with a cheating tweeker who was pregnant. He was convinced it was not his baby.

Don’t forget as you are doing this you should be smoking weed all the time and getting black out drunk often.

 Now this may not sound like a life running tactic but this is a very important part of making someone dependant on you. When life gets tough make sure you’re the one that takes care of things. If you let the other person handle the big stuff they might become self-sufficient making it harder for you to ruin their life.

To make sure you have your hook set be amazing, friendly and take pride in your appearance. You’ll find all the losers you hang out with telling the person whose life your ruining how lucky they are and how wonderful you are.  When their Mom says you are the best thing that has ever happened to them you know you’ve achieved the desired effect. 

From there start to despise how incapable the other person is. Don’t acknowledge that you’ve taken on most of the responsiblity not letting them grow into a self-sufficient adult.

 Now if you really want to fuck things up start doing an expensive addictive drug. I like cocaine but you could use pills or meth maybe heroin. Since you’re the stronger one you probably won’t have a problem controlling your usage but the person you’re ruining should form some kind of habit and a poor state of mind should come from this usage.

The person whose life you’re ruining should be pretty broken down now.  It is the perfect time to leave.  Go ahead drain the bank account take the car.  Leave them with nothing.

Now this is not for the weak hearted:  You need to woo them back.  They may not come willingly at first but some well written letters.  Flaunt your body.  Little gifts.  That should get their attention.

So now you’re back together.  Start talking about the life you should have together.  Profess your undying love.  Tell them how cute the babies will be. Tell them you weren’t being a good girlfriend.  Have lots of sex and give lots of oral. 

You still should be smoking lots of pot, getting black out drunk and recreationally using coke or your hardcore drug of choice.

Now that you’ve won them back start to build the American dream.  Get a second car, a house, a dog, make some babies. 

OK you’ve now got stuff you can’t ruin.  Get sober, be responsible and focus.

When you’re target can’t keep up complain, yell, emasculate him.  When he gets sick call him weak. 

When he can’t figure out how to help support the family take his debit card away. 

Refuse affection. 

Have an affair.

Work so much you’re not around.

Let people see how you have to bust your ass.  They’ll praise you and look at him like he’s a piece of shit.   

Don’t mention that you started this by making sure he had no skills to take care of his family. 

Now tell him to leave, no job, unhealthy, broken-hearted.  Keep the kids, the house, the dogs and let him have the shitty car. 

If he’s not dead by now he can see you rebuild you’re life better than before.  He can watch as men date you. Another man taking care of you and the kids. 

If that has not killed him you have surely ruined his life and it took only 15 short years to do it.   

I am not suggesting anyone should do this and of course I have not yet told him to leave.  It’s just what I feel I’ve done to my fiancé.  It feels like my fault, all of it. It sounds harsh but this is mostly what I’ve done though I’ve never planned it or tried to be malicious.  Looking back there was a better way.

 I’m a smart girl I should have seen the hole I was digging for myself before I fell in.  Now I can live in the hole with him or bury him as I climb my ass out.  Maybe he’ll find a way out maybe he won’t.  Maybe I’ll drag his ass out with me.  Without making a decision we’re both stuck.