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Dirty camp love….

24 Oct

It was dark and the stars were just starting to show.  Tom got a nice cozy fire started.  We talked easily, for hours.  He is just so nice to be with.  Looking up at the countless stars together.  I don’t think we even ate until after 11pm.  We brought some brauts and roasted them over the coals.  They went perfectly with our beers and was an easy no mess perfect camp meal. 

Moon rise was late due to the high cliffs around our camp.  The glow of the moon on the hills was magic.  He set up a spotting scope that gave us a great view of the moon.  The time flew by.  The night was perfect.  No rain fly was needed on the tent, so from our bed we could still see the stars.  He ran his fingers through my hair as we lie together cuddled up.  Our last night together for who knows how long. 

The morning came quick.  We seemed to wake up together.  We came together with kisses, caressing each other.  Making love, beautiful, dirty, stinky, camping love.  I put myself together some and we broke camp.  Packing up together felt so nice.  Really doing anything normal with him feels so nice.  We drove out, my hand on his leg until we got to the good part of the dirt road back to the highway, then he held my hand.

Will this be the end?

5 Oct

In a week I’ll be in my lovers arms.  Maybe for the last time.  I’m starting to question if this trip is even a good idea.  I was so excited I missed that my dates were off.  Tom wants to take me to an amazing place he has been telling me about since we first met and I’m so excited to go with him the only problem is there is no cell service. 

I am planning to tell him I’m just not cut out for this.  That I want to be with him. I’m feeling jealous and that is weird for me. That the lowered contact hurts my confidence.  He has been a great friend.  He’s an interesting person who I love talking to.  I would love to stay in contact with him.

I still have not asked Tom much about his wife.  I wonder how they met.  How they fell in love.  Did he always have other girls on the side he fooled arround with or was there any point where it was just his wife.  His one and only.  It blows my mind he has only been in that town for 5 maybe 6 years now.  They’ve been married for three.  Doing the math makes me wonder.  I wonder if he will get board with his life there and look to move and make another life.  Maybe one closer to me.  I still can’t get the idea that maybe we can be together someday out of my head.  I think I need to though.

So my trip, with all this going on in my head you might ask why am I still going on this trip.  

  1. I’m fucking horny.
  2. I want to tell him this stuff in person.
  3. I need an adventure.  

Into the unknown….

27 Sep

I’m going to see him again!!!  I’m so excited!  I am going on a business trip and will have my corporate travel coordinator fly me to his town instead of back home.  We will spend the first night together in town and we will go to a secluded hot spring he has told me all about for the next night and camp out!  I love camping.  When he had suggested this at first I was surprised as it’s a 2 hour drive but then thinking of being in his arms by the campfire under the stars I realized how perfect this will be.  The hot springs is a fast running natural pool.  So we will have our own private hot tub.  He also is very excited.  We thought about me staying one day longer but I don’t think my alibi will cover me that long.  It is not as long a visit as I had hoped.  It’s going to be great though.  We both love the outdoors and have talked about camping so this will be an amazing opportunity. 

I’m very nervous.  My business trip extending to Saturday is a big stretch.  I think it should work but risk of being questioned is high.  Also the area we are staying in has no cell reception, so that will be a little hard to explain.  Usually on my business trips by the 2nd or 3rd night my fiancé and I are fighting so that might work.  I leaving in about two weeks so I have a bit of time to try to work this out.