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Super loves it!!….

25 Nov

Tom, Ron, Kelly and I walked down the street.  Us girls with our arms arround each others waists.  As we stopped at the corner to figure out where we were going Kelly and I made out some. We found a hotel and stopped on the way to get some beer, vodka and champagne.  We poured some drinks and put on some soft porn.  I put our toys out on the television stand.  Kelly and I were snuggled up on the bed together, touching and kissing while the men chatted and looked on.  Ron says to Shelly, “Do you love it?”  She responds back, “Super love it!”  That was their little thing.  I kinda dug it, it was sweet and playful of them.   

  After a while I suggested we put on our bedroom gear.  We both slipped into the bathroom where we laughed that our negligees were both from Fredericks of Hollywood and didn’t really fit our boobs.  Dressing together gave me a chance to pull together more confidence about my figure and gave us time to kiss.  I compliment her on her skimpy black outfit.  She looks me up and down and tells me she loves it.

We came out and modeled for the boys.  Making out and touching she layed me down on the bed and spread my legs hard.  She tasted my wet pussy and told me how good I tasted.  She ate me out like a pro.  I was moaning and bucking against her face while Ron came up behind me and put my hands into her hair and told me to pull hard.  She responded by eating me with a new verosity.  After getting me all juiced up she put on her new strap on and fucked me while the men watched clothes on stroking at their cocks through their jeans.  She told me to get on my knees and fucked me hard from behind.  We switched places and fingered her pussy before fucking it hard with the strap on while Ron is telling how much Kelly loves it, super loves it.   It was a willey toy hard to control, I held it with one hand while I thrust into her and hard and deep and I could with her asking for more the whole way.  I put her on her knees fucking her from behind and Ron pulled out his cock for her to suck as I fucked her.  Tom had his cock out stroking and watching.  I pulled out and lay next to Tom kissing him, his arms arround me.  I slide down to suck his cock showing my pussy off behind me.

Kelly and I continued to play as the men got naked.  She tells me how much she wants to see Ron fuck me in the ass.  I check with Tom he’s OK with it and I’m honest with them, I’m not sure if I can but will try.  Kelly had already been working my ass as she was playing with me.  Ron worked me with his fingers as I sucked on Toms cock.  He lubed me up with his spit and worked his cock in a little at a time.  Working through the tightness with the right amount of force.  Before I knew it he was fucking me with long deep strokes as I’m sucking dick and Kelly is watching us.  She took a turn sucking on Toms hard cock.  Tom layed her down next to me and started fucking her shaved pink pussy.  I’m sucking on her tits and she moans watching her man fuck my ass.   Tom backs away as he cums outside of the group and we all take a break.

It’s time to break into the toys again and Kelly and I choose the bright pink double headed dildo.  We each lay back and the fellas help by rubbing the head on our pussies.  It’s thick and smooth and feels very good going in.  We start to wiggle arround with the men touching and looking on.  They are moving it back and forth fucking each of us with their strokes.  We start pressing together and I grab her legs grinding up into her pussy.  It feels so good.  We’re moaning and thrashing about boobs mouth open.  I suck Tom’s cock briefly and he then moves arround to take a picture or two of our stuffed muffs.  I’m using my hand to rub my clit and grinding against Kelly.  Gripping her legs and pulling her into me.  I start to cum and it keeps cumming.  It was amazing. 

Kelly was having a harder time climaxing.  I gave her a little finger vibrator I brought to buzz her clit.  I’m still bucking against her playing with the toy.  I realize I still have the curved glass toy that will reach up and hit her G-spot,  I walk away and the men have their hands all over her.  Tom is fingering her ass.  Ron has his fingers in her pussy and the other on her throat.  I bring the glass toy and start to fuck her with it.  Slow at first then faster and harder as she starts to moan and buck against us.  She’s getting close as I’m ramming her with it hard, Tom still fingering her ass and Ron is now choking her hard like she likes it.  His cock in her face.  When she finally cums it’s loud and low and then explosive.  We all sit back for a breather after that intense round of fucking.

We start to chat.  We talk about music and a lot of our taste lines up.  The conversations drifts to other experiences we’ve had.  Tom and I have only had a woman as a third.  Tom before me has been a third for a couple but has never shared his girl.  Ron tells us that we are awesome.  This was great, he has been with couples that can’t let go of hang ups or that are totally full of themselves.  Fellas that hover over the girls and even someone who walked out on their significant other.  We were deemed legit, and Kelly confirmed she Super Loves It!.  Tom and I had an amazing time too.  At this point Tom had cum, I had cum and Kelly just came but Ron was left out.  He won!  

While Ron was in the bathroom I said to Tom and Kelly that it didn’t seem fair that Ron hadn’t had his turn.  I wanted to help him cum.  They agreed and before I knew it I was on top of Kelly kissing her and rubbing against her pussy.  Tom came in behind me as I was on top of her and started to fuck me.  Ron returned from the bathroom to us fucking and he came close enough for me to get his cock in my mouth.  I suck him and he wants to fuck me again.  I go to the edge of the bed and give him the option of fucking either hole from beind.  He grabs my hips forcefully and drives into my wet pussy fucking me hard.  I reach under and caress his balls as he’s plowing into me.  I look back over my shoulder to seem him sweating and flexing staring back at me.  I turn back to Kelly and Tom who are now fucking as well.  Ron is about to cum and he gets on the bed on his knees and tells Kelly she’s going to get it and shoots his load over her face and tits while Tom is still balls deep inside of her pussy.  Tom calls to me to take his load in my mouth and I swing arround to suck him off as he cums again.  It’s late and we just had a perfect finish to an amazing night.

We have a hard time saying our goodbyes because we keep catching ourselves in conversation.  One thing is for sure we all want to try it again.  I super loved it! I pack my toys and my left over bottle of champagne.  Tom and I are dressed it’s 2:30 and I have to be at work at 8:45am.  I kiss Kelly good bye and give Ron a hug, and end up doing it one more time before leaving for the night.  Tom driving and me dozing in the passenger seat.  

That was less than a week ago and Tom and I are still talking about it.  Turning each other on and so excited for our next time together.

A full day together with my love…..

24 Jul

We had breakfast at noon. I had tried to go to a pizza place my smart phone said was good, however it was closed. We ended up in a cute little diner. This time we sat together in the booth. Making out while we waited to order. Making out while waiting for our food. Making out while waiting for our check. He had a sexy stubbly beard. All the kissing we were doing was rubbing my lip, chin and nose a little raw. I kept having to go put on some makeup to hide the red from our kisses. He offered to shave but he looked so nice and it really was not much of a bother.

From breakfast we went somewhere I didn’t think I would take him. It had amazing shops, we browsed around like a real couple. Holding hands and yes kissing at every stop. He is a connoisseur of music and vinyl specifically. When I realized how close we were to one of to one of the most amazing record stores I know of I had to take him. The look on his face was worth a million dollars. He was showing me things he was amazed to find. They had whole sections that he seemed shocked to find. It made me so happy to see him so happy. He had picked out several things he was already attached to when he found a record that would help get him closer to completing a collection he had been working on for many years. He was going to pass it up (maybe he was just playing me) but either way could not help but buy it for him. Also I knew that this record will be part of his real life, something he would not have to hide. It would be something everyone could see and it would always make him think of me. So not only for him but for my own selfish reasons I insisted on buying it for him. 

We went out to an unusal museum, they had fortune-telling machines and rate your love games. We went arround and goofed off together. We walked around a tourist area. I don’t know if he was but I was looking for anywhere I could get him to fuck me. There were families everywhere no good opportunities. We did let everyone see us making out. 

For lunch we got a local delicacy and sat by the docks to eat it. We had joked arround weeks ago about getting married at Graceland (extra funny since he is married) but I looked behind us and a sign for a store said Graceland. I told him we could pay one of the bums in the area to mary us in front of Graceland. We could forfill that fantasy, but the bums were kinda unsavory so we took a pass on that one.

We headed back to the room for more alone time. As we drove along he slipped his hand under my skirt and was fingering me as we sped through traffic. Making me so horny I just could not wait to get to our bed again.

The next morning…..

24 Jul

Waking up with him was so nice. I wanted to surprise him. I pulled the sheets back slowly and slid down the bed. I felt him move and I think I whispered good morning before taking his cock into my mouth. He was hard and caressed the back of my head as I started sucking his cock and fondling his balls. After a few minutes I came up and gave him kisses. Straddling him and letting slide inside of me. It felt so good to be with him. He started thrusting quick and hard from beneath me. He had me moaning with pleasure as he worked me from below. He lay me down on the bed and was fucking me from above and moved my legs, he straddled one leg and had the other one over his shoulder. He was so deep inside of me as he fucked me I was calling his name. Driving me crazy with his thrusts. I came loudly. When we stopped we laughed that the neighbors will all know his name. He put on some of his favorite music and we lay together just enjoying each others touch. We dozed off together and when we awoke again we started kissing that led to touching that brought us back to making love again. Each time it was amazing. It’s like I could not get enough of him. It has been so long since I’ve felt this way. We finally had to think about food again and make contact with our signficant others. He made his call while I was in the shower. We got dressed and headed out for the day.

Finaly we meet again……

24 Jul

OK our kiss was not this grand but it sure felt like it was.

When we started our countdown at 55 days it seamed like our meeting would never come. Soon it was less than a month and a week and before we knew it we were counting down the hours. Tom was on the road with the band. He was having a great time even tough travel conditions were a little rough. He had stayed with the band at a friends house in the desert. She was a sweet girl and they made out that night he stayed. Being who I am it turned me on, especially since he didn’t go all the way with her. He was saving himself to go all the way with me anyway. I was nervous leaving the house but when I was on the road I calmed down quite a bit. His plane was delayed and delayed again. I felt like they were stealing the time we could have together by not getting him to me on time. I’m pacing at the airport, I wore a skirt and no panties. I’m staring at the board waiting for his flight to land. Our phones are dying so I send a message where to meet me and hope for the best. I finally see him coming my way. I try to hide and sneak up behind him. He sees me. He grabs me and I hug him hard back. We share a long passionate kiss right in the middle of the walkway. We start walking to my car and every chance we stop and kiss. His kisses are better than I remember. I’m so wet for him. I just want to strip his cloths off there and fuck on the people mover. I lose track of my car and we walk arround the garages hand in hand stopping to kiss every few yards. When we find my car we just make out like teenagers before starting the drive to our hotel room. I get myself a little lost on the freeway but we find the place in not too long and before we know it we are in the lobby of our cheap motel by the beach together for the first time in months.