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Worth the wait….

17 Oct

After getting into Tom’s friend’s house I put down my bags and looked arround for a second.  When he walked by me in the entryway I reached out for him.  He pressed hard against me and kissed me deeply.  I held him tightly.  He finally said let’s move to some carpet.  We looked arround the living room.  Tom’s friend was a horror movie buff and also the singer for the band that brought us together.  We spent a few minutes checking out his horror memorabilia collection before sitting on the couch.  I couldn’t keep my hands off of him.  He said there is no cable we could watch a movie.  I’m not sure if he even finished the sentence before I started kissing him again.  I moved on top of him and felt he was already hard.  He ran his hands up my shirt pushing up my bra, rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples lightly.  I’m ready for his cock but the anticipation is delicious and I want to make it last. 

It’s clear we don’t need a movie to watch, so we head into the bedroom and undress eagerly.  Naked he pulls me on top of him on the bed.  I make him wait, rubbing his head against my shaved pussy.  I want him to be in control so I signal to him with my body to get on top.  I’m wet for him and ready for him to enter me.  When he does I moan out in pleasure.  It’s been so long since I’ve felt him inside of me.  I grind against him hungrily.  He pulls out suddenly and looks me over.  He slides down and works me with his tongue.  He explores me gently touching me lightly with his fingers.  He moves back up and slides his cock into me, pressing it in deeply making me gasp with the pleasure of it.  Whispering I love you into my ear as he fucks me so nicely. His kisses taste of my juices and it gets me all the more turned on.  Our lovemaking gets more aggressive.  His powerful thrusts bringing me to climax and beyond.  When we slow down I take him into my mouth.  Working his cock with a combination of my hands and lips.  Sucking on his balls, running my tongue up his shaft before pressing my lips on his head and pushing it through and into my waiting mouth.  We enjoy each other until it comes to a point where we must sleep.  We have a long drive tomorrow and need the rest.  I lay my head on his chest and he strokes my hair. 

I love being with him.  I love how he feels.  I love him so much.

Finaly we meet again……

24 Jul

OK our kiss was not this grand but it sure felt like it was.

When we started our countdown at 55 days it seamed like our meeting would never come. Soon it was less than a month and a week and before we knew it we were counting down the hours. Tom was on the road with the band. He was having a great time even tough travel conditions were a little rough. He had stayed with the band at a friends house in the desert. She was a sweet girl and they made out that night he stayed. Being who I am it turned me on, especially since he didn’t go all the way with her. He was saving himself to go all the way with me anyway. I was nervous leaving the house but when I was on the road I calmed down quite a bit. His plane was delayed and delayed again. I felt like they were stealing the time we could have together by not getting him to me on time. I’m pacing at the airport, I wore a skirt and no panties. I’m staring at the board waiting for his flight to land. Our phones are dying so I send a message where to meet me and hope for the best. I finally see him coming my way. I try to hide and sneak up behind him. He sees me. He grabs me and I hug him hard back. We share a long passionate kiss right in the middle of the walkway. We start walking to my car and every chance we stop and kiss. His kisses are better than I remember. I’m so wet for him. I just want to strip his cloths off there and fuck on the people mover. I lose track of my car and we walk arround the garages hand in hand stopping to kiss every few yards. When we find my car we just make out like teenagers before starting the drive to our hotel room. I get myself a little lost on the freeway but we find the place in not too long and before we know it we are in the lobby of our cheap motel by the beach together for the first time in months.

The second night……

23 Jul

I had dinner with one of my co-workers. We went to a cool bar where we did pub trivia. We talked a lot about work. I love my job. After trivia was running kinda late. My friend “Tom” from the previous night had said his friends were meeting at 11 o’clock that night so I texted him to make sure it was still the case. After trivia my coworker and I walked over to the bar/pool hall. I loved the place, the crowed was awesome, it was packed. It was buy one get one free beer. Fucking awesome! My co-worker and I sat down with my new friend “Tom” we were all talking. He was so comfortable, he had such great stories and he shared his free tater tots. When my co-worker left we joined the group. His friends were very nice. We all talked and drank. I felt like I wasn’t a stranger. This time I didn’t bring my rental car knowing I don’t want to drive drunk. Tom drove me home when the bar closed. He was so sweet and gave me a friendly hug as I left to go up to my room. Closing down the bar again. Forgetting to check in with my fiancé again.