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Dirty camp love….

24 Oct

It was dark and the stars were just starting to show.  Tom got a nice cozy fire started.  We talked easily, for hours.  He is just so nice to be with.  Looking up at the countless stars together.  I don’t think we even ate until after 11pm.  We brought some brauts and roasted them over the coals.  They went perfectly with our beers and was an easy no mess perfect camp meal. 

Moon rise was late due to the high cliffs around our camp.  The glow of the moon on the hills was magic.  He set up a spotting scope that gave us a great view of the moon.  The time flew by.  The night was perfect.  No rain fly was needed on the tent, so from our bed we could still see the stars.  He ran his fingers through my hair as we lie together cuddled up.  Our last night together for who knows how long. 

The morning came quick.  We seemed to wake up together.  We came together with kisses, caressing each other.  Making love, beautiful, dirty, stinky, camping love.  I put myself together some and we broke camp.  Packing up together felt so nice.  Really doing anything normal with him feels so nice.  We drove out, my hand on his leg until we got to the good part of the dirt road back to the highway, then he held my hand.

The rest of our day in the middle of nowhere…..

24 Oct

After our lunch and desert we decied to go exploring.  Tom had brought his GPS and his mountain bike.  He told his wife he planned on exploring the area and trying to find a back way into the the hot springs.  He needed to come back with some waypoints on his GPS and a dirty mountain bike.  We drove back down to the edge of the river and he carried his bike across.  I wanted to explore a bit too but with my sandles I was a little nervous.  He loaned me his.  Even though they were way to big his Keenes tightened up nicely and made for great hiking shoes.  He had brought his boots for the ride.  The place he chose to ride was above the hot springs and to the left.  He climbed the rocks holding his bike.  Freakin’ hot!  I followed him and gave him a big kiss.  He should only be gone for an hour.  We pointed the directions that we were headed so we could look for each other if need be. 

I hiked up river for a bit.  It was beautiful and quiet.  I found several of the springs that feed into the pools.  The water was amazingly warm on my feet.  After a bit the river turned into a little creek that was overgrown with weeds and brush.  I turned around and went back to the pools.    Taking a look around and saw a mans clothes and boots sitting on a rock.  Knowing there is a naked man in the pool below I yelled out a hello so I would not startle the poor fella and went into the top pool. 

Floating around in the warm water looking up into the perfect blue sky I had not a care in the world.  Happy to be there with Tom happy to be out in nature just plain happy.  I saw a glimpse of a man hiking and hoped it was Tom returning.  It was just three hunters coming in for a dip.  These fellas were harmless and very nice.  They also went into the pool with their shorts on.  We chatted about the area.  The naked fella came up and he had been comming to this area for 40 years.  He had some good info as well.  Tom finally returned I gave him a big squeeze and a quick kiss.  We climbed our way back out stopped at the truck for a drink.  After that we checked out the other areas of the river.  Hiking around together holding hands.  Seeing if there were other good spots for camp closer to the water. 

We returned to camp and stayed for a short while. Later going back one more time to be in the pools with the stars out.  I had him hold the lantern because I didn’t want to risk dropping it in the water.  We hopped into the water naked and it was not as warm as it was during the day.  I clung to him for warmth.  The sunset and the few stars we did see were beautiful.  We kissed and embraced.  The cold however was too distracting for any love making.  We went back to camp to make our fire for the night and cook some dinner.

Setting up camp…..

21 Oct

After our romp in the hot springs we drove back up the trail to have some lunch and set up camp.  We staked out the best spot and started to groom the area.  I shoveled out the horse manure that was too close to us and he started to unpack.  This is the first time I’ve camped as an adult where I had done none of the packing.  I felt a little less helpful that I would usually be if I knew what I had to work with.  I helped collect stones for our fire ring. We set up the tent together.

Sitting on the tailgate of his truck we ate some lunch with a beautiful view of the mountains.  He blew up the air mattress.  I grab him as he is walking by me and he presses me against his truck and kisses me deeply. We undress standing there and he sits in the back seat of his truck.  It’s the perfect height to give him a very comfortable blowjob.  He pushes me back and we switch places.  Sitting on the edge of the back seat of his truck he has the perfect angle.  His thrusts are thrilling.  He is so sweet to adjust the bags and pillows behind me so I can lay back more comfortably.  I’m taken away by the pleasure and the view.  He gives me what I want he cums inside of me again.  

I hang out half-naked while Tom inflates the air matress in the tent.  Once our little love nest is completed we lay together snuggling and talking.  Again so perfect, I’m so happy in his arms.  I think he asks me what time my flight out is tomorrow.  As I tell him my eyes fill with tears.  I try so hard not to let one fall.  When I loose the fight he sees it.  I can’t hide anything from him.  He knows why I’m sad.  I say it anyway, I don’t know when we’ll be together again.  I close my eyes and try not to cry anymore.  It seems that once one falls the others are harder to hold back.  I let the tears that are pooling in my eyes out and try to wipe them away casually.  I just close my eyes and enjoy his embrace.

The hot springs…..

19 Oct

He points out our destination.  It’s a beautiful waterfall with a few pools cascading out of the mountain.  My Teva’s were destroyed so I’m in flip-flops, clearly the wrong shoes but I can make anything work.  He holds my hand as we trompe through the cold river.  Once we cross the warm water hits my toes and I’m excited.  We climb the trail and scale a little rock.  I pull off my suit as he strips down and we hop in the warm water completely nude.

It’s perfect and gorgeous.  He’s showing me the features or our private hot tub and I interrupt him.  Wrapping my arms around him pressing my naked body against his.  Kissing him deeply.  I’m stroking his cock that is already hard (it seems like he’s always hard around me).  He starts to rub my pussy.  Teasing my clit, making me want him even more.  It’s amazing the water is like a warm bath.  I can feel it flowing around my pussy.  I want him inside of me so bad.  He teases me a bit longer before I wrap my legs around him and press his hard cock against me.  Even though I am so wet and ready for him there takes an amount of force to push his cock inside of me.  Once he has penetrated he slides easily in an out.  He holds me and I bounce weightless against him.  It all feels so good.  The sound of the water, the view of the river running through the canyon the blue sky above. 

There are two pools. We climb down from the higher pool checking out the lower area.  There is a great little waterfall with a seat behind it.  The water cascades in front of your face.  From the edge of the pool the view is amazing and wide open.  We start to kiss again.  Fucking in all the different nooks and coves of the little pool.  He presses me against a large smooth rock in the middle of the pool.  I’m able to lay back across it out of the water exposing myself.  The warm sunshine feels so nice on my breasts.  I can see he is enjoying the view.  His eyes go from the look of extacy on my face, down to my bouncing breasts and then his cock plunging in and out of me.  At that moment there is nothing else in the world other than us and the nature that surrounds us.  Everything is so right just for that moment in time.   

Off road……

19 Oct

We’re driving out of town to the hot springs he told me about the night we first kissed.  He had told me how much he wanted to take me there and now 6 months later it’s happening.  He’s holding my hand we’re having lovely conversations.  It’s so beautiful.  The area turns from rural to nothing.  We are in the middle of no where.  No cell service no stores just big open land.  We turn down the dirt road and I’m so excited to see what’s arround every turn. 

Tom pulled over at the first overlook.  We stand together at the edge looking down at the river below.  The river runs through a deep canyon.  Beautiful rock outcroppings jut out of either side.  He puts his arms around me and we look out over the landscape.  A perfect moment.  Of course we kiss.  It could have been right out of a movie.

As we go down the gravel road he’s picking up speed.  He stops abruptly and hangs out the window.  “I hit him” he says.  He jumps out and says he’s still alive.  I come out to look and he’s checking out this coiled snake.  He’s tossing rocks near by to see if the snake will strike.  I love the youthful curiosity when he’s checking out this critter.  After a few minutes we hop back in and continue down the dirt road. 

We get to the first major hill and he and I hop out to check out the road.  It’s rocky and steep,  four-wheel drive only.  He holds me from behind pointing out where we will be going and letting me know he is checking for other vehicles as this is a tight one lane road.  There are a few other tents along the river.  He lets me know they will be no where close to us as we will be on the other side of the mountain range.  He asks if I’m afraid of heights because we will be just inches from the edge of a cliff as we drive.  I’m not, plus he has told me about his special driving training he got in the military.  I don’t know if it relates to this type of situation but it is somehow soothing. 

The drive is awesome.  The place is beautiful.  I love the bumpy road and how the truck tilts when going over the rough terrain.  We get to a flat area and he asks if I want to set up camp or go right to the hot springs.  I’m ready to get wet so we go down an even more treacherous trail down to the river below.  He points out the different places where the water runs out of the mountain warm and clear.  Our destination is across a cold river and is a beautiful waterfall breaking out of the rock walls in front of us.  I have no shorts so I change into my swimsuit and we trek across the river together.

I can only go up and then down and then up again from here…

5 Oct

 I’m on a roller coaster this year.  I was so down in the dumps.  My fiancé had surgery.  His sisters came to live with us to help.  One of them had a nervous breakdown and had to leave.  The younger one stayed and was so sweet.  My fiancé constantly complaining about my family.  Then in April a business trip. I felt like I was on top of the world.  Managing a branch, meeting new contacts, enjoying the night life.  My fiancé brining me down at every phone contact until it finally ended up he would just yell at me and call me names.  Then the last night that magical Thursday night where I found comfort in Tom’s arms.  He already had my attention by being so nice.  For more about it check out my post, I wasn’t looking but I got found…


When I got back home my fiancé again was mean and made me sad.  I made contact with Tom and we started talking.  We were both still flush with the thrill of our night together.  When there was a chance that his friends band would play in our town we started talking about meeting.  The things he would say gave me such a rush.  I was on top of the world.  Thoughts of him filled my days and nights.  When I found out the tour wouldn’t come to the town 15 minutes away I still had to see him.  We made plans to meet outside of the tour.  The 55 day count down was exciting and all my troubles seemed to vanish as I waited for him to come to me.


After the trip his child came to stay with him and the contact dwindled.  When she left he was bummed and things didn’t go back to the same.  In the mean time my life had gotten away from me.  I was like a zombie just making it through on auto pilot.  I let things get worse. 


Everything I’d do I’d wonder how Tom would fit in.  How my fiancé just doesn’t compare to him.  How stuck I am.  Now as my count down is down to 7 days I’m scared.  I’m excited to see him but sad to know this might change everything forever.  The tears keep coming and I don’t know what to do to make things better.


I started this blog because I was so excited about all these new feelings that I had no one to share them with.  Now it’s just my neurotic ramblings.  I feel like I’m trying to keep my life running like I keep my car together.  Duct tape, zip ties and special fluids.  No matter what I feel better writing this stuff down.  I’m starting to wish I had more time to write and read.

Into the unknown….

27 Sep

I’m going to see him again!!!  I’m so excited!  I am going on a business trip and will have my corporate travel coordinator fly me to his town instead of back home.  We will spend the first night together in town and we will go to a secluded hot spring he has told me all about for the next night and camp out!  I love camping.  When he had suggested this at first I was surprised as it’s a 2 hour drive but then thinking of being in his arms by the campfire under the stars I realized how perfect this will be.  The hot springs is a fast running natural pool.  So we will have our own private hot tub.  He also is very excited.  We thought about me staying one day longer but I don’t think my alibi will cover me that long.  It is not as long a visit as I had hoped.  It’s going to be great though.  We both love the outdoors and have talked about camping so this will be an amazing opportunity. 

I’m very nervous.  My business trip extending to Saturday is a big stretch.  I think it should work but risk of being questioned is high.  Also the area we are staying in has no cell reception, so that will be a little hard to explain.  Usually on my business trips by the 2nd or 3rd night my fiancé and I are fighting so that might work.  I leaving in about two weeks so I have a bit of time to try to work this out.