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I wasn’t looking but I got found……

23 Jul

So, work is still going really good. I’ve been having fun. My fiancé being mean to me is really bumming me out. We have always partied our whole time together. Before we met he knew I was always into going on adventures meeting new people and having a great time. So tonight Tom has told me about a crazy punk show at the first bar I visited. I’m tossing arround going. I wander arround downtown and check out some art, taste some wine have some food all by my lonesome. It’s getting later and I’m not sure if I’m gonna go to the show. My co-worker has flaked on me. All the nasty things my fiancé said to me floating arround in my head.

I decide what the fuck and text Tom asking if they are at the show. They are so I head down that way. I still have my work cloths on. I work in a professional setting, so I’m dressed kinda nice, surely too nice for a punk show. At the bard the band from Monday is hanging out with my new friend Tom. I grab a beer and sit down. We chat it up, we all talk about our kids, music, shows, travel and I can’t remember what else. I buy a round or two for the group. When the headline act comes on we move to the front of room up by the stage. I’m getting  a buzz on. The band is fucking awesome! There is a little mosh pit going on and I have to jump in here and there. Tom is hanging with me buying me a few beers, I’ve bought him a few too so it’s kinda even. He is up a round of tater tots. He jumps through the pit a few times. Now I should say he is handsome but not really my type. I’m a voluptuous woman, well-built but definitely built strong. He’s of average size a bit taller than me but not much. He is so nice, he’s got an accent that I love, beautiful eyes and a great smile. When it was closing time he offered to drive me home, his buddy rode with us too. We dropped him off first, I gave him a hug and thanked him for hanging out with a stranger from out-of-town.

 Tom and I drove back to the hotel. We talked about camping, this awesome hot spring he found, hiking, music and I felt so comfortable with him. I gave him a hug and was going to head to my room alone even though I didn’t want the night, or my trip to end. I’m not sure how exactly he asked but he asked me if he could come up to cuddle. I reminded him I have a fiance and two kids.  I’m not looking to fool arround and for some reason I had him come up with me.

I went to the bathroom and took off my work cloths, put on some comfy pants and a t-shirt with no bra. We sat on the bed together and we did start hugging. We laid down and pressed against each other some more, his embrace felt so good. I can’t remember what we talked about. What happened next is what I cannot forget and couldn’t stop thinking about for weeks even months. We started to kiss, sweet soft kisses that turned more and more passionate. He moved from beside me to on top of me. He is such a great kisser. He started caressing my breasts. I put myself on top of him and started kissing and rubbing on him. I had not felt such passion inside of me for so long. My whole body was alive and hungry for him. I bit his neck, he stopped me and asked that I leave no marks. I asked why he showed me his ring, he is married. I’ve never been with a married man but I had no desire to stop. He put himself back on top of me and kissed me some more. He slid his hands down my pants and played with me, I was so wet for him. He drove me crazy but still I was not ready to have sex with someone else. He promised he would not push to go that far. He made me feel so good with his fingers that when he pulled my pants down and went down on me I couldn’t say no. It felt so good, he was amazing. He went back up and we kept kissing. In a moment of weakness I put my hand down his pants but withdrew quickly I didn’t want to press my luck with his commitment to not try to have sex with me.

Before we realized it 4am came arround. We were both sleepy and he could not sleep with me. He had to go home to his wife. I walked him to the door in just a t-shirt. He asked for a picture of my boobs. I told him no. He was OK with it and we kissed. I told him if I could I would stop by his work before I got on my plane tomorrow ( it was really today). We kissed and he was gone. I was so hot and bothered I finished the job myself and went to sleep.