The second best thing in my life….

7 Dec

Of course the first best thing is my kids and biological family (parents, brother, cousins). As my home life is in shambles my work life continues to shine. It’s my number two.  The deuce that I never want to drop. If I can hold down the fort while this storm beats on me from everywhere else I might just be on the right track. I’ve mentioned before I love my job. I have just the right combination of personal contact and nerdy number crunching. On top of that there is a lot of flexibility and room for free thinking. I’m not in the kind of banking that you would think of when you say banker.

So for fun I will share my recent excitements.  I recently got number one in the company for my position!  I’ve ranked in the top ten seven months this year!  I got employee of the month for the second time this year (funny both were the months I took time off to be with Tom). We do social events with our clients so we are going to have more boxes at baseball and football games and we will be doing more cocktail hours.  Free booze and entertainment, count me in!  The office manager got four great tickets for Roger Waters doing the Wall a show coming up in the spring.  He’s taking me and we will find two clients to come with us, sweet! 

Side note I’m telling my fiancĂ© this stuff.  He brings up the last football game I went to with my boss and ten clients.  We had a luxury box and it was great!  He brought up how some people on face book said going to a game like that without him should be grounds for divorce.  Then he got mad about the future events saying we should be building memory’s not me and my boss.  I remind him it’s part of my job.  I need to build rapport with my clients and support my office.  He scoffs at my job.  I remind him I’m nothing special I was a fucking collector and was 2nd pick for the job I have now.  I fucked up for two years untill someone showed me the way.  The key was I stuck with it.  I took a little luck and ran with it.  He just got more irritated.


So I’m writing this because I just got out of a one on one meeting with my branch manager.  He reminds me to try to lead my peers, review the data and make plans for my office and that I’m getting ready to take my managers spot when he leaves.  They are trying to get me a little raise.  He says to me that I could make a great credit manager and what’s to stop me from taking his job as a branch manager one day.  That I could stay in this very expensive place to live and have a good life for my family.  He knows just how to bait his employees, that is one of the reasons he’s so good. 

We’ll I’m baited I’m ready and I have to keep pushing no matter what kinda of bull shit I have to deal with outside of this place.   

One Response to “The second best thing in my life….”

  1. The Hook December 8, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    Keep pushing, young, hot lady!

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