4 Nov

Halloween, how I love Halloween!

It was kind of a mixed bag for me.  I love dressing up I love the holiday I love the parties!  Friday and Saturday nights there were parties that my fiancé and I both wanted to attend.  Friday was more important for me and Saturday was important for him.  I had not heard back from my Dad who said he would watch the kids one of the nights but didn’t know wich night.  Friday had arrived and no word from my Dad on what night he would watch the kids.  I talk to my fiancé that I really want to go to my friends party and was wondering if I could go and then he can go out Saturday.  He told me no, that I have not paid him back from my business trip.  I snapped I told him he had better go out Friday night or I’d be very mad that he made me stay home for no good reason.  He promptly hung up on me. 

Shortly after this little tiff my Dad texts me that he will be able to watch the kids.  My fiancé has gone to a pizza parlor to meet a friend.  I let him know that I need horns for my costume.  This again turned into a problem he wanted me to be there with them at the pizza parlor.  Getting the accessory for my costume ended up being a bit of a problem causing us to run late. 

We did get out.  It was loud place making it a little hard to talk.  Only a few of the people we were there to meet were there yet so I was chatting it up with the folks that were there.  My fiancé wanted to duck out early.  He was eager to meet some other friends at another bar.  Truthfully I think I would have had more fun without him and well he probably would have had more fun with out me.  With the exception I looked smokin hot.  I had on a little red latex dress, devil horns and red fish nets with huge mary jane shoes. 

At the next bar we mixed it up with our usual crowd.  I went to the bar for a drink that was taking forever.  A couple sat down on either side of me and started a conversation.  They were fun, the fella ended up buying us a round of shots.  I excused myself and headed back to the group we were home by Midnight and had a couple of beers and home and turned in. 

Saturday night my Dad watched the kids again.  Score!  He brought his kinda girlfriend and said we could stay out as late as we wanted.  It’s a long story but my fiancé at first didn’t want my Dad’s kinda girlfriend in our house.  For a while I’d been thinking about letting her back into our lives or more importantly our kids lives so this ended up being a good opportunity. 

I had posted the previous nights outfit on Facebook and had gotten a great response.  I asked what I should dress up as next.  Most folks suggested angel, so angel it was however I did it my way.  I wore a black dress with white latex straps and  a black halo with black wings.  Like I said I love to dress up!

We went out to our neighbors Halloween/Housewarming party.  I danced with the girls there for and mingled they were very cool folks and we left after about an hour or so.  We went to our local bar and hung out with some folks we have not seen for a while.  From there we drove out to a party in a neighboring town about 45 minutes out.  It was fun again seeing people we had not seen in a while.  I held back from partaking because I was the driver and kept my parting to a minimum. 

It got late quick.  1:45 am I started to get worried that we were keeping my Dad too late.  I started pester my fiancé to leave.  He said we don’t want to drive at 2am, so I waited.  2:15 am he said oh just a bit longer.  I think I didn’t get him to the car untill 2:45 am and even then he wouldn’t get into the car.  This is so unlike me but I had to yell at him over and over to get him to leave.  One of our friend even had to push him along to get him to leave the party. 

Home safe and lucky for me that my Dad and his kinda girlfriend were both OK with it.  She had not seen the kids for over a year and was just very happy to be with them again.  I was embarrassed but thankful.  All and all a good weekend!

Monday was our night with the boys.  We went to a kids parade, BBQ’ed with a friend and then trick or treated the friends neighborhood.  We were trying to make a carnival but arrived too late.  We then went around this historic neighborhood that goes all out for the holiday.  There were 10 tall clown ghosts and dead bodies in people’s yards.  Fire dancers on one house’s lawn.  A dead marching band and huge old bicycle contraptions that shot flames 10 feet in to the air.  The boys had a blast and it did seem like a great family adventure. 


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