Dirty camp love….

24 Oct

It was dark and the stars were just starting to show.  Tom got a nice cozy fire started.  We talked easily, for hours.  He is just so nice to be with.  Looking up at the countless stars together.  I don’t think we even ate until after 11pm.  We brought some brauts and roasted them over the coals.  They went perfectly with our beers and was an easy no mess perfect camp meal. 

Moon rise was late due to the high cliffs around our camp.  The glow of the moon on the hills was magic.  He set up a spotting scope that gave us a great view of the moon.  The time flew by.  The night was perfect.  No rain fly was needed on the tent, so from our bed we could still see the stars.  He ran his fingers through my hair as we lie together cuddled up.  Our last night together for who knows how long. 

The morning came quick.  We seemed to wake up together.  We came together with kisses, caressing each other.  Making love, beautiful, dirty, stinky, camping love.  I put myself together some and we broke camp.  Packing up together felt so nice.  Really doing anything normal with him feels so nice.  We drove out, my hand on his leg until we got to the good part of the dirt road back to the highway, then he held my hand.


2 Responses to “Dirty camp love….”

  1. The Hook November 3, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    Awesome title! Glad you had fun!

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