Off road……

19 Oct

We’re driving out of town to the hot springs he told me about the night we first kissed.  He had told me how much he wanted to take me there and now 6 months later it’s happening.  He’s holding my hand we’re having lovely conversations.  It’s so beautiful.  The area turns from rural to nothing.  We are in the middle of no where.  No cell service no stores just big open land.  We turn down the dirt road and I’m so excited to see what’s arround every turn. 

Tom pulled over at the first overlook.  We stand together at the edge looking down at the river below.  The river runs through a deep canyon.  Beautiful rock outcroppings jut out of either side.  He puts his arms around me and we look out over the landscape.  A perfect moment.  Of course we kiss.  It could have been right out of a movie.

As we go down the gravel road he’s picking up speed.  He stops abruptly and hangs out the window.  “I hit him” he says.  He jumps out and says he’s still alive.  I come out to look and he’s checking out this coiled snake.  He’s tossing rocks near by to see if the snake will strike.  I love the youthful curiosity when he’s checking out this critter.  After a few minutes we hop back in and continue down the dirt road. 

We get to the first major hill and he and I hop out to check out the road.  It’s rocky and steep,  four-wheel drive only.  He holds me from behind pointing out where we will be going and letting me know he is checking for other vehicles as this is a tight one lane road.  There are a few other tents along the river.  He lets me know they will be no where close to us as we will be on the other side of the mountain range.  He asks if I’m afraid of heights because we will be just inches from the edge of a cliff as we drive.  I’m not, plus he has told me about his special driving training he got in the military.  I don’t know if it relates to this type of situation but it is somehow soothing. 

The drive is awesome.  The place is beautiful.  I love the bumpy road and how the truck tilts when going over the rough terrain.  We get to a flat area and he asks if I want to set up camp or go right to the hot springs.  I’m ready to get wet so we go down an even more treacherous trail down to the river below.  He points out the different places where the water runs out of the mountain warm and clear.  Our destination is across a cold river and is a beautiful waterfall breaking out of the rock walls in front of us.  I have no shorts so I change into my swimsuit and we trek across the river together.


2 Responses to “Off road……”

  1. The Hook November 3, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    Cool trip, all things considered…

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