A morning suprise….

18 Oct

When I woke up he was still asleep.  Looking at him so peaceful and still made me feel so calm, like there was nothing wrong.  Everything I’m doing is so wrong but when I’m with him it feels so right.  He wakes up and after a quick good morning we start kissing and touching.  I straddle him and rock back and forth slowly.  Looking up at me with the best smile he strokes my face and hair.  I pick up the pace grinding on him harder and harder.  He gives my hair a playful tug and flashes a wicked smile.  I lean back enjoying his cock and I hear this sound.  It was the sound of the pillow case being pulled off quickly.  Looking into my eyes he loops the case arround my neck and tightens it.  He thrusts hard from below while still putting pressure on my neck.  I get chills, it all feels so good.  Giving myself to him.  He releases me only to push me over and put me on my knees.  He pushes me down and gets behind me.  Pulling my hair and thrusting into me hard and fast.  Right as I’m on the edge he just presses hard against me grinding pushing upward.  He makes me feel so good. 

We lay together for a while.  Stroking each other and kissing.  Our time here is almost up.  We run arround getting ready to go and straightening up.  When I get done washing up I come to find him.  He is neatly making the bed.  In the truck he text’s his friend a thank you and letting him know we are leaving.  When his friend pops up.  We chat for a few and then go fetch a coffee for him while grabbing some food and drink for our camping trip.

2 Responses to “A morning suprise….”

  1. The Hook November 3, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    Danger can be fun, right? Just be careful!

    • terriblytorn13 November 3, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

      Yeah I for sure don’t want to pull a David Carradine!
      Oops it’s not too soon is it?

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