Graceland and weddings….

9 Sep

My co-worker/friend just caught me.  She’s been saying my fiance and I should get married that it might help with our problems.  I was joking around saying I almost got married at Graceland, not the Graceland but a shop by that name in a city I recently visited.  Just for background my fiancé and I have said since we’ve been together so long there will be no white wedding we’ll just go to Vegas and get married by Elvis.  Tom had said we should run away to Graceland and get married (weird huh?  He didnt know about the Vegas/Elvis thing before he said it).  So, after I said I almost got married at Graceland she said with who?  I stuttered and she said I knew it!  She busted me out about my trip to meet Tom.  I had told my co-workers I was going on a trip with my Step-Sister and didnt want my fiancé to know because he would not alow me to go.  She busted me out right at the end of the day.  I so wanted to tell her all about it, but I don’t think she cares to hear.  We’re friends, known each other for over 10 years now.  She’s partied with us and gone to concerts.  She knows my fiancé well.  She knows he’s a burden but she also knows he’s not the worst guy ever.  When I talk about Tom she ask the questions I have not asked pressed him on yet:  Why is he doing this to his wife?  How is their relationship?  Why aren’t they having sex much?  Will he ever want to leave her for me?  If he’s fooling arround with other girls now won’t he do the same to you?  That one is one I couldn’t bring myself to tell her.  She doesn’t know I like girls too.  I feel the need to be as professional as possible at work.  I feel lucky to have this job.  I don’t want to get passed up on promotions because I’m kind of a freak.  So many secrets!


2 Responses to “Graceland and weddings….”

  1. The Hook September 26, 2011 at 6:33 am #

    Get married when you’re BOTH ready, not a moment before!
    That’s The Hook’s two cents.

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