The third day and night……

23 Jul

At this point my fiancé is very angry with me from the previous night. I am not calling him when I get to the hotel, because I’m drunk and it’s late. He is angry so it makes even harder to call. He’s hanging up on me and calling me names. Work is going well though. I might be out drinking every night but I’m on point at the office and having a good time with the staff.  After work I decide that I’ll stay in that night. I try to go to bed early.  I kick my covers, toss and turn, try to watch a show on the tube. All that echos in my mind is that the gay bar down town is the best place to dance and I’ve not danced yet.  I’m starting to love this town and know if I don’t check it out tonight that I wont see it at all.  I get myself done up and I’m off to the bar again. 

When I get there no one is dancing. It was a sad sight.  I went to another bar where I said hello to the man in the doorway. I thought he was the bouncer. He was not, but he needed a friend. He was from my state and we sat down and had a drink. Then we went to the next bar where there was live music and had another. Then to the next bar more live music and had another. I was having a great time.

He asked what I was doing out by myself.  I told him about the gay bar and how I wanted to dance.  He said he could make it happen so we went back together. While I was outside talking to some fellas he was inside having the bartender pour him a tray of double shots. He went arround to all the folks in the bar saying they could have a shot if they danced with me. Before I knew it I had these beautiful men coming up to me and dancing on me like they were clothed strippers. Even though I didn’t have the right equipment to be their type they made me feel like a queen! We danced and shut down the bar, got some pizza and I went back to the hotel.

This night I sent a picture to my fiancé to say I was home and show I hung out with men that were not interested in me. It was a picture of me dancing with two of the men at the bar. You guessed it he was not happy. I got cussed out and hung up on. I went to sleep to get ready for Thursday!


2 Responses to “The third day and night……”

  1. The Hook December 5, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    Whoa, don’t piss you off, right?

    • terriblytorn13 December 5, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

      I could disappear for days if I didn’t have responsibilities and such. I can find a good time anywhere.

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