The second night……

23 Jul

I had dinner with one of my co-workers. We went to a cool bar where we did pub trivia. We talked a lot about work. I love my job. After trivia was running kinda late. My friend “Tom” from the previous night had said his friends were meeting at 11 o’clock that night so I texted him to make sure it was still the case. After trivia my coworker and I walked over to the bar/pool hall. I loved the place, the crowed was awesome, it was packed. It was buy one get one free beer. Fucking awesome! My co-worker and I sat down with my new friend “Tom” we were all talking. He was so comfortable, he had such great stories and he shared his free tater tots. When my co-worker left we joined the group. His friends were very nice. We all talked and drank. I felt like I wasn’t a stranger. This time I didn’t bring my rental car knowing I don’t want to drive drunk. Tom drove me home when the bar closed. He was so sweet and gave me a friendly hug as I left to go up to my room. Closing down the bar again. Forgetting to check in with my fiancé again.


2 Responses to “The second night……”

  1. The Hook December 5, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    PARTY, PARTY, PARTY, right?

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