And so it began…..

23 Jul

Out of town on business for a week in a state I had never been to, nor did I think I would ever visit.  I read the local paper and saw there would be some bands at two of the local bars.   I picked one at random and after dinner I went out and sat down at the bar by myself.  The bartender was tattooed, the place was dark and smokey.  I loved it.  I was early so I kept a pleasant conversation with the bartender.


  The first act was good.  Some how I met the second band before they went on stage and asked if I could take a video of their performance to share with my friends back home.  I loved their music, I took two videos and on my second one this guy stepped into my shot.  Instead of just passing me by he apologized to me.  We talked a little, turned out he was with the band.  After their set I ended up talking to them some.  Being a stoner I kept looking for someone who smoked because I couldn’t bring my stash with me.  I was talking to everyone there, they were all so nice.  The guy that got into my video let’s call him Tom invited me to come out the following night.  It was for a friend’s birthday at a local bar/pool hall.  I gave him my number and said I would join the party.  I finally found the Barber.  He said he would go get me a joint. 


When he returned we smoked outside.  He was well dressed, heavily tattooed and very interested in having sex with me.  Showed me pictures of his wife, telling me it’s OK with her.  I begged him to back away, telling him I’d buy him lap dances at the local strip club, be his wing woman to find an available girl to get together with.  That I’m engaged with two kids I don’t want to fool arround.  He pressed himself against me, he had an amazing body.  His big strong arms on either side of me.  Strong chest pressed against me trying to kiss me.  My quick breath and expression was giving a mixed signal, but I was clear this is not something I want.  I was embarrassed I had gotten myself into the situation and didn’t want my new friends to see me with this guy.  I started to walk back to my car.  The barber offered me a ride, telling me how beautiful he thinks I am and how it would be our secret if we fucked.  When I got to my car it was clear I drank too much and was not able to drive.  He drove me to my hotel, he pressed me for a kiss.  He got the worst kiss I have ever given anyone.  I retired for the night, drunk stoned and happy to be alone in my bed.

2 Responses to “And so it began…..”

  1. The Hook December 5, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    “He got the worst kiss I have ever given anyone.”

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